Cruz In Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask is the name given to an unidentified prisoner who was arrested in 1669 or 1670 and subsequently held in a number of French prisons, including the Bastille. He was held in the custody of the same jailer, Bénigne Dauvergne de Saint-Mars, for a period of 34 years. He died on November 19, 1703 under the name “Marchioly”, during the reign of Louis XIV of France. Since no one ever saw his face because it was hidden by a mask of black velvet cloth, the true identity of the prisoner remains a mystery; it has been extensively debated by historians, and various theories have been expounded in numerous books and films. [1]

After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, a group of suspects was captured and imprisoned aboard ironclad ships. Secretary of War Edwin Stanton ordered that the prisoners, “for better security against conversation, shall have a canvas bag put over the head of each and tied about the neck, with a hole for proper breathing and eating, but not seeing…” “The bags were padded with one inch thick cotton. A ball of extra cotton padding covered the prisoners’ eyes to cause painful pressure on the closed eye lids. Sight and sound were cut off, a mental torture that never ceased for the devices were to be worn 24 hours a day.” [2]

We would not treat a dog like this, either iron mask or canvas hood, for 24 hours a day. In November 1964, Eerik Heine brought suit charging Juri Raus with slander for publicly saying Heine was a KGB agent. On January 11, 1966, Raus’s lawyers submitted an affidavit stating that Raus was a CIA employee acting on orders when he had accused Heine. Raus, it was argued, was therefore immune. Heine’s lawyers objected: “Assume the plaintiff is a Communist,” one of Heine’s lawyers argued, “assume he is everything you say, everybody has some rights in this country.” And he went on to add, “In the United States, just as Mr. Justice Frankfurter said, ‘There are some things you cannot do to a dog.'” [3]

There are some things you cannot do to a dog. Even a dog in a cage is allowed out for exercise. Not so with Nikolas Cruz, alleged murderer of 17 persons at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. In solitary confinement in Broward County, Cruz is even having his mail censored, although he has not been found guilty.

Nikolas Cruz, having diminished capacity at least to an extent, due in part to his having been diagnosed as autistic, now, through his Broward County public defender lawyer, has announced he is donating any money he has to a charity designated by the victims. This way, Cruz must rely on the Broward County public defender rather than hire his own attorney. [4] So Broward County public defender announces Cruz money to charity, and this keeps the proceedings all within the “one big happy family” of the Broward County public prosecutors and public defenders.

The case is being kept in a tight drum. After the public defender had hoped to sweep it all under the carpet with a plea deal, the next step is to at least keep it inside the “one big happy family” of Broward County by preventing an outsider – in the form of an independent vigorous defense – from entering the closed system.

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