New Moon Of Madness

New Moon April 16th at 1:57 UTC, says MoonGiant. (That translates to April 15th at 8:57 pm CDT.) A spirit of Aztec sacrifice prevails.

In 1519, when Hernando Cortez and his band of evil white men arrived in Mexico, blood sacrifice was prevalent. At the coronation of Montezuma, a throng of captives from a rebel province in his kingdom were sacrificed. “This was celebrated with uncommon pomp. Games and religious ceremonies continued for several days, and among the spectators who flocked from distant quarters were some noble Tlascalans, the hereditary enemies of Mexico. They were in disguise, hoping thus to elude detection.” [1]

On the other hand, the evil white men also had their sacrificial ceremonies: in that same century, in the most polished nations of Europe, the “Holy Inquisition” each year “destroyed its thousands, by a death more painful than the Aztec sacrifices” – burning people alive. [1]

“One detestable feature of the Aztec superstition, however, sunk it far below the Christian. This was its cannibalism…” [1]

As the Aztec empire became less civilized, more and more of the human sacrifices were demanded by “the gods.” The kingdom suffered from internal contradictions and was beginning to fall apart when Cortez arrived. And so too, internal contradictions within the American empire now also demand increasing blood sacrifices. The Aztec and the American blood sacrifices were (and are) presided over by the high priests: a caste to whom most yield unquestioned credibility. And so, when the high priests proclaimed the regime of Bashar Assad had launched chemical attacks, who were we – mere mortals – to question this?

An interesting novel, The Switch (by Joseph Finder), portrays how a U.S. senator becomes vulnerable when an illegal act by her is on the verge of being discovered. The senator’s fear is not of being brought to justice, but rather that she will thereafter be “owned” by whoever gains knowledge of her crime. Is President Donald Trump now “owned” by the American Deep State, consequent to last week’s raid on his attorney? In this scenario, the object is not to evict Trump from office but to “own” and control him. Once Trump is “owned” and controlled, then he will heed the high priests who tell him a blood sacrifice is needed in Syria.

The high priests in Broward County, Florida quickly designated their sacrificial victim. Nikolas Cruz cannot be found innocent of the February 14th crime, else the high priests themselves (lawyers, judges and such) would lose face. This in turn would threaten the whole system where demands from “the gods” increasingly call for more and more scapegoats. Behold Nikolas Cruz, who takes away the sins of Broward County. And behold Bashar Assad, who takes away the internal inconsistencies of the American empire.

——- Sources ——-
[1] History of the Conquest of Mexico, by William H. Prescott


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