Trump Signals New “Special Relationship”

Only months after the death of Cecil Rhodes, the transatlantic Pilgrims Society was founded in 1902. “The Pilgrims Society was a British creation that spawned ongoing meetings in London and in New York the following year, with the purpose of fostering a ‘special relationship’ amongst the English-Speaking people, specifically catering to the wealthy titans of industry and intellectual elite in the areas of Politics, Press, Education, Philanthropy, Banking and Business.” [1]

The “Special Relationship” between Britain and the United States has been a key code word invoked by the press thereafter signifying an Anglophile attitude in the corridors of power. And so when President Donald Trump last week chose to emphasize the term “special relationship” during his meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron, it may have been more than an accidental choice of terms.

It seems to be that French president Macron first inserted the term “special relationship” into the current lovefest between himself and President Trump. “We have a very special relationship because both of us are probably the maverick of the systems on both sides,” Macron said. [2] Given that Macron seems to have first introduced the term “special relationship”, it may be that President Trump did not realize its significance and simply agreed to be agreeable.

Or, it may be that President Trump fully understands the significance of “special relationship,” in which case he last week signaled a foreign policy shift of major proportions, away from Britain and towards France.

Macron’s visit to the United States last week was the first state visit of the Trump era, noticed Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, which went on to complain that “an invitation for Mr Trump to make his own state visit to the UK has been gathering dust for 15 months.” The Telegraph even baldly states in its headline that the UK’s special relationship with the US has been replaced by Macron’s ‘relation spéciale’! [3]

The apparent shift in “special relationship” away from Britain and towards France may be having a noticeable effect on the Syrian situation: in 1923, France was assigned a mandate of Syria by the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations. Thereafter the administration of the region under the French was carried out through a number of different governments and territories, including the Syrian Federation (1922–24), the State of Syria (1924–30) and the Syrian Republic (1930–1958), [4] Now, through an altered “special relationship” situation signaled last week, France may be seeking to get “back in the game” in Syria. Whether this would be good or bad is left to you to decide.

——- Sources ——-
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