Ancient Dwarf Race

Information of a startling nature is found in my book, The Chatty Cathy Files. (Available as an e-book from Amazon, and in paperback from

After the paperback version had gone to press, I encountered significant new information which I included in the e-book version of my book:

The first humans, according to [Albert] Churchward, were a pygmy race which came to populate the earth. These first lived south of the equator in Africa. Then there evolved what Churchward refers to as the ‘Nilotic Negroes’, persons dwelling in the area of the Nile River. ‘They came up from the south of the Nile Valley, where they had already formed a secret society, calling themselves ”the followers of Horus” (or ”the blacksmiths”).”

These ‘Nilotic Negroes’ established the city of Edfu and built temples honoring the Great Architect of the Universe throughout Egypt. They were called ‘the Mesniti or Mesintu, or the followers of Horus…’

(See also Terrorists Hiding In the Pyramids!, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, April 18, 2017.)

Now, additional information on this ancient dwarf race has been found in the pages of an old book. In Archidoxes of Magic, by Theophrastus Paracelsus (reprint from, the author tells us that “Under the Earth do wander half-men… Vulgarly called Gnomi…” These dwarves are not spirits, says Paracelsus, “they have flesh and blood as men, which no real Spirit hath.”

These beings appear to be something between spirit and matter. “Such as digge Metals have the best knowledge of these Spirits, for they are most troubled with them, and do vexe them, and much persecute them with blowes and stripes: sometimes also they do afford benefits unto them, admonishing them and warning them of death.”

Although these Gnomi are little “yet they can appear to men as they will, great, or little; faire, deformed; rich or poore.”

“In old times many of them have been found and heard amongst men, but now they cease.” (Or do they? What are the “ET beings” said to be encountered by some?)

These Gnomi “are to be understood to be halfe-men.” In the “pristine times of nature” they were confused to be gods or even God. “These are they of whom God Almighty admonisheth us in that Commandment of the first Table, saying, that we shall not have any other Gods but him, neither in the waters (where the Nymphs are understood) nor under the Earth, (by which he meaneth Sylphs or Pygmies)…”

Is it these underground dwarves who now stir up trouble in Hawaii? We ourselves, says Paracelsus, have deep within us “a secret Magnes that attracteth every like. This is the Celestial Load-stone above all others…”



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