Defeat Of Mabus

“Ma” Bush, the dreaded “Mabus” of a Nostradamus quatrain, shape-shifted on April 17, 2018. Her husband, a golem created by Ma Bush, now wanders in and out of hospitals, like a zombie no longer having purpose. (A golem is an animated anthropomorphic being that is magically created entirely from inanimate matter.)

In a response to an earlier blog entry, Ghost Of Mabus at Prince Harry Wedding, one “Lila” commented:

It has been said that Barbara Bush is Aleister Crowley’s daughter, the resemblance is uncanny. I actually believe that she IS Crowley himself, she is obviously a tranny, she’s not a natural female, that’s for sure. And who knows if Crowley was able to prolong his life? And being Nostradamus’ Mabus would then not be a far stretch, since the Bush Cartel are some of the most evil people in the world.

See the short video hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry for further information on the posited link between “Ma” Bush and Aleister Crowley.

To understand the Ma Bush network of evil, it is crucial to be acquainted with the book, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, by Terry Reed and John Cummings. Therein we see how Bill and Hillary Clinton connect with the Mabus Gang via the smuggling of guns and drugs through Arkansas when Bill Clinton was its Governor.

See now the Ma Bush network of evil: The golem of Ma Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, managed the Iran-Contra guns and drugs smuggling while he was vice-president, and was assisted by Mabus capos Bill and Hillary Clinton. Then the Mabus golem became U.S. president and announced a “New World Order.” Afterwards, the Arkansas capos Bill and Hillary, as “co-presidents”, eroded U.S. borders via NAFTA and furthered thereby the New World Order plan. Next came Mabus underling George W. Bush, who weakened and undermined the military via wasteful wars. In the Barack Obama administration the Arkansas capo Hillary Clinton was installed as Secretary of State. She further undermined the United States (and Europe) with her “Arab Spring” plan. It was all planned that Hillary would cement the power of Mabus when she became president, but then a wild card, Donald J. Trump, ruined the Mabus plan. With a last desperate clutching, the Mabus network of evil actually attempted to overthrow the presidency of Donald Trump. When this failed, it was the defeat of Mabus and she “died” (shape shifted).

Mabus is defeated! This past week an Inspector General’s report appeared, further augmenting the expiration of the Mabus network of evil. Puny distraction attempts such as a lawsuit against the Trump Foundation and the jailing of Paul Manafort failed to push the revelations from the Inspector General’s report out of the headlines. And what is a “P.O.S.”? That’s what the IG report revealed some FBI agents were calling the American people! It turns out “P.O.S.” means “pieces of sh**,” a.k.a. “basket of deplorables.”


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