Comey’s Declination

James Comey told OIG he talked with DAG Yates in April 2016 about an “endgame” for the Midyear exam. Comey wanted to announce a “declination”. Yates told OIG that Comey influenced her toward a declination.

DAG Yates means Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. She later served as Acting Attorney General under President Trump but was fired for insubordination. James Comey was the FBI Director during the time of the “Midyear exam”, an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. The announcement of “declination” came on July 5, 2016 when Comey delivered the FBI’s recommendation that the United States Department of Justice file no criminal charges relating to the Hillary Clinton email controversy. [1] The “OIG” signifies the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Comey, according to the OIG report released on June 14, 2018, perceived the FBI was in the middle of a “500 year flood.” “What to do? What to do?” he pondered. If Attorney General (AG) Loretta Lynch made the declination announcement, there could be “corrosive doubt” about her credibility. Lynch had been appointed by Barack Obama and was identified with Hillary Clinton’s party. Lynch had persuaded Comey to call the Team A “Midyear exam” a “matter” rather than an investigation. Comey told OIG he was worried “that certain classified information mentioning Lynch would leak…” There was also apprehension involving the June 27, 2016 “tarmac meeting” between Bill Clinton and Lynch. All these worries, according to the OIG report, caused Comey to consider taking it upon himself to announce the declination. [2]

Comey’s initial draft statement of the declination was privately shared on May 2, 2016. In the draft statement, Comey “criticized [Hillary] Clinton’s handling of classified information as ‘grossly negligent’…” But then, over the next two months, Comey’s initial draft underwent changes: “grossly negligent” became “extremely careless”; “sheer volume of information classified as Secret” was massaged into the classified information was “especially concerning”; “reasonably likely” that hackers had penetrated Hillary’s email server was changed to “possible”; a paragraph about an email exchange between Hillary and Barack Obama while Ms. Clinton was in hostile territory was altered from “Barack Obama” to “another senior government official.” [2]

These have been some nomenclatures, the specialized lingo, of the OIG report: “Midyear exam”; “Declination”; “Endgame”. To get a handle on the report, it helps to learn its lingo. Further linguistic special terms from the OIG report are likely to be found. Eventually a glossary of such terms is contemplated.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “James Comey: Hillary Clinton email investigation”, Wikipedia. Accessed June 18, 2018.
[2] “A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election”,


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