Freak Hurricane In Washington

It was Irish Major-General Robert Ross who burned the White House down. (See short video, hopefully viewable above.)

General Ross led what is conceded to have been a brilliant military exploit. “In whatever light we may regard it, whether we look to the amount of difficulties which it behoved him to overcome, the inadequacy of the force which he commanded, or the distance he was called upon to march, in the midst of a hostile population, and through deep and trackless forests, we cannot deny to General Ross the praise which is his due, of having planned and successfully accomplished an expedition, which none but a sagacious mind could have devised, and none but a gallant spirit carried into execution.” [1] (Background: British Burn Down White House, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, July 1, 2018.)

And even more amazing is that, immediately after General Ross burned down the White House and other government buildings, a powerful hurricane hit Washington, DC. The Irish-British-Canadian army had respected civilian dwellings and private property in general (except for one newspaper which they disliked for its fake news.) But then came a coincident hurricane: “Roofs of houses were torn off by it, and whirled into the air like sheets of paper; whilst the rain which accompanied it resembled the rushing of a mighty cataract, rather than the dropping of a shower.” [1]

How often does a powerful hurricane directly hit Washington, DC? And when you consider it arrived right after the White House had been burned down, one can’t help but perceive a Divine message of some sort: Was God (a) angry that the White House had been burned down, or (b) angry that General Ross had not completely destroyed the town and so sent a hurricane to finish the job?

After the hurricane, in the dead of night, with American forces hurriedly rushing to Washington, General Ross and his soldiers made a quiet, secret escape. By means of a forced march, they reached the safety of British ships before the Americans had time to launch a counter-attack. [1]

And one more thing in the uncanny department: Within a month after burning down the White House, General Ross lay dead, killed at the Battle of Baltimore. [2]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “The British Retreat From the Capital”, by George R. Gleig. Found in, The War Of 1812, edited by Donald R. Hickey, page 526, Library Of America, 2013 edition.
[2] “Robert Ross (British Army officer)”, Wikipedia, accessed July 1, 2018.


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