Time To Grab Canada

It is time to finish the job begun with The War Of 1812. It is time to grab Canada.

The previous blog entry featured a short video clip of a Canadian folk singer bragging about how Major General Robert Ross had burned the White House down, and calling it a Canadian victory. This supports President Donald Trump’s insinuation to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the Canucks having burned down the White House. CNN had haughtily dismissed that interpretation of events of 1814, but really it was a complex situation. “What is now Canada was not yet a country in 1812, but rather British colonies”, observes The New York Times. [1]

Since the Trump inuendo of late May 2018, tariffs on Canadian steel have been imposed by the U.S., and Canada has retaliated by imposing tariffs on Wisconsin yoghurt and Tennessee whisky. Now comes news hinting that already Canada is seeking a retreat from the growing tensions. Canada is now practically begging for renewed NAFTA negotiations. However President Trump is cool towards the subject and has indicated he is inclined to wait until later this year. [2]

Compare the two markets: Canada has a population of aboot 36.29 million; the United States has a population of about 325.7 million. So which is the bigger market for sales? Answer: The United States is by far the bigger market, about 10 times the size of Canada. This means if we impose a tariff on their goods entering our market, the effect on Canada will be 10 times more than any Canadian counter-tariff.

It was after the Canadians had burned down the White House, the Legislative House, and other government buildings that the U.S. Congress again convened on September 19, 1814. The legislators were forced to assemble in the Patent Office. Secretary of State James Monroe, serving also at that time as Secretary of War, “presented yet another plan for an invasion of Canada, estimating in an October 17 report to Congress that a hundred thousand men would be needed to prosecute the war in 1815.” [3]

Notably, Congressman Daniel Webster gave an anti-war speech to Congress on December 9, 1814, in which he denounced the plan to use conscription for raising the 100,000 soldiers: A free government, said Webster, “with an uncontrolled power of military conscription, is a solecism, at once the most ridiculous and abominable that ever entered into the head of man.” [4]

But putting such peaceniks as Daniel Webster to the side for now, we may ask ourselves, Isn’t it about time we finished the job begun during the War Of 1812? It is the Manifest Destiny of this continent that Canada is, and of right ought to be, part of the USA.

——- Sources ——-
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