Hypersonic Meteor Attacks Greenland

A high energy beam from an experimental laser reportedly shot down a meteor approaching Greenland on July 25, 2018. (See video hopefully viewable above.)

It was a “mysterious fireball” reports Russia Today. [1]

The “meteor” exploded with “the force of 2.1 kilotons, but the Air Force has remained tight-lipped.” [2]

Coincidentally, on the same day as the “meteor” attacked Greenland, Ersjdamoo’s Blog reported on Chinese and Russian progress in hypersonic weapons – missiles that launch toward space and then turn to race toward their targets at five times the speed of sound. [3]

The “meteor” was detected not far from the US air base in Greenland. [1]

Hans Kristensen, a director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, reportedly noted “there are nearly 2,000 nukes on alert, ready to launch.” This was in regard to the Greenland “meteor.” [1]

Hans Kristensen’s statement is corroborated by another source: “We’re still here, so they correctly concluded it was not a Russian first strike. There are nearly 2,000 nukes on alert, ready to launch.” [2]

They concluded it was not a Russian first strike, but what if it was a test demonstration of Russia’s hypersonic nukes?

“Mr Kristensen added his concern at the lack of information from the US government on the incident.” [2]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Cryptic fireball streaking over US base in Greenland puzzles NASA scientist”, Russia Today. Published August 3, 2018. Updated August 4, 2018. https://on.rt.com/9bop
[2] “Meteor explodes with 2.1 KILOTONS above US military base – Air Force says nothing”, by Marta Subat. Infosurhoy, August 5, 2018. https://infosurhoy.com/cocoon/saii/xhtml/en_GB/top-stories/meteor-explodes-with-2-1-kilotons-above-us-military-base-air-force-says-nothing/
[3] “Hypersonic Failsafe Points”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, July 25, 2018. https://ersjdamoo.wordpress.com/2018/07/25/hypersonic-failsafe-points/


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