Hypersonic Facebook Activity

In the wake of the hypersonic meteor attack on Greenland comes news that a top American general has declared that Russia and China can’t be friends of the U.S. “because the two nations are developing hypersonic weapons that the US has no defense against…” [1]

“Hypersonic” means faster than five times the speed of sound. Contrary to what the American general says, we may have high-energy laser weapons to thwart any hypersonic attack. [2]

Cross your fingers.

There has been hypersonic Facebook activity. Only a week ago, The New York Times broke a story. Facebook said it had discovered “coordinated activity” around issues such as #AbolishICE. The “usual suspects” – Russians – were immediately blamed, but the likelier suspects are “leftists” in the United States. [3]

On the heels of the Facebook “coordinated activity” comes news that Facebook has banned the Alex Jones Infowars program. We are told that Facebook is a private company and can do as it pleases, but Facebook “travels” on Internet, and that backbone was paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

Faster and faster move the events. Before we can stop and consider, it is too late! Some new event has rushed in and displaced the prior event.

Breathless anticipation surrounds the outcome of an Ohio congressional election. The temporary congressional replacement is being given enormous meaning by “news” analysts.

It all is moving so fast. How can you stop and ponder upon it? Impossible! And so you are forced to turn for “instant meaning” to your chosen interpreter, be they “left” or “right.”

——- Sources ——-
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