Deep Shakespeare (Part 6)

To evade political restrictions (Elizabethan National Security State), and to meet the popular mind on its own ground, was the double purpose of the disguise in which Will the Jester served as logo. [1]

The popular mind still, today, is met on its own ground. Only a relative few penetrate behind the mask of Stratford Willy. Francis Bacon elsewhere laid down the necessity of a style which would serve as a veil, imperceptible to the commoners and admitting only such as have attained to the truer interpretation. [1]

Consider the times. The Tudors had a badge: the double ROSE of the rival houses of Lancaster and York, the red and the white united, or INTERTWINED. [2] The roses were crossed – a rosie cross – suggesting the secret society of the Rosie Cross, or Rosicrucians.

Consider the times. The Fama Fraternitatis of the Meritorious Order of the Rosy Cross appeared in 1614, though the manuscript dates to 1610, if not earlier. [3] In 1623, the First Folio of the “Shakespeare” plays appeared. In 1626, Francis Bacon died.

Johann Valentin Andreas is supposed to have been the author of the Fama Fraternitatis, but skepticism about that was expressed by Arthur Edward Waite. Among the founding members of the Rosicrucians was “Brother B., a skilful painter…” [3] (“B” as in Bacon, and “painter” as in dramatist.)

An old book goes further than this. It claims, among many things, (1) that Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis is a thinly disguised account of an actual secret society; (2) that the object of this secret society, “known superficially to history as the Rosicrucians,” was the advancement of learning (title of another of Bacon’s books); and (3) that the Elizabethan renaissance was not fortuitous but the result of a deliberately planned scheme. [4]

——- Sources ——-
[1] The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakspere Unfolded, by Delia Bacon. London: Groombridge and Sons, 1857.
[2] The Watchers: A Secret History of the Reign of Elizabeth I, by Stephen Alford. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2012.
[3] The Real History of the Rosicrucians, by Arthur Edward Waite. London: George Redway, 1887.
[4] The Tragedy of Sir Francis Bacon, by Harold Bayley. London: Grant Richards, 1902.


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2 Responses to Deep Shakespeare (Part 6)

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  2. mike0v says:

    Isn’t it amazing, ersjdamoo, how magnificent truths can be revealed to humanity on the internet but found in obscure places such as in a comment section on a blog?
    Believe it or don’t, but the truth about Bacon is that he was, and is, one of the fallen angels from the Old Testament. His mother was Queen Elizabeth herself. He reincarnated on Earth just like all humans do and did so many times.
    He wrote all the plays as Shakespeare and many others. It’s no wonder his style served “as a veil” because his ultimate goal was to rule Earth as “Lord of Civilization” in the future and in order to do so, he needed to lay the groundwork for the global brainwashing of humanity. His plays are filled with ciphers and elements of mind control for just that purpose.
    He was also Christian Rosencreutz, the Count of St.-Germain and Tsar Nicholas II. Johann Valentin Andreas was said to have written the “Fama Fraternitatis” and this claim was met with skepticism by Arthur Edward Waite but the cosmic joke played upon humanity is that Andreas and Waite were both incarnations of Francis Bacon, the same fallen angel.
    Over and over have the fallen angels incarnated on Earth and over and over have they deceived humanity while constructing a “new world order,” as described in Bacon’s “New Atlantis.”
    Hopefully, ersjdamoo, your purpose of delving deeply into Shakespeare isn’t meant to lionize him because that is exactly what the fallen angels want; human admiration.
    They’re not heroes, my brother. They’re evil as hell.
    Don’t believe any of this? You will…

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