Trump Tweet Roundup

In the rush of Mercury about to go retrograde (which happens today), this past week was a blur. Dimly I recalled that President Donald Trump had tweeted about the Special Persecutor, Robert Mueller, going crazy. Now that Mercury is retrograde (until about December 6th), the dust settles and interesting Trump tweets can be looked at.

“The inner workings of the Mueller investigation are a total mess,” tweeted The Donald on November 15th. “They have found no collusion and have gone absolutely nuts. They are screaming and shouting at people, horribly threatening them to come up with the answers they want.”

Earlier in the week, much criticism appeared about Trump not going to the cemetery in France because of the rain. But the President tweeted a different version of this on November 13th:

By the way, when the helicopter couldn’t fly to the first cemetery in France because of almost zero visibility, I suggested driving. Secret Service said NO, too far from airport & big Paris shutdown. Speech next day at American Cemetery in pouring rain! Little reported-Fake News!

There were reports that North Korea was secretly developing missile bases. This was inaccurate, tweeted the President on November 13th. “We fully know about the sites being discussed, nothing new – and nothing happening out of the normal. Just more Fake News. I will be the first to let you know if things go bad!”

On November 16th, Trump noticed in a tweet that, despite the “Blue Wave,” the Republican Party was on track to pick up two seats in the U.S. Senate. If this happens, Trump puts the Republican Senate majority at 53 to 47.

Today, President Trump tweets that Nancy Pelosi deserves to be Speaker of the House. He says he can help Pelosi by getting her “as many votes as she wants.”


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Editor of Conspiracy Nation, later renamed Melchizedek Communique. Close associate of the late Sherman H. Skolnick. Jack of all trades, master of none. Sagittarius, with Sagittarius rising. I'm not a bum, I'm a philosopher.
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