The Man in the Tower

It was Peter Gower who brought Freemasonry to England.

This has been double-checked by me. Mrs. Henry Pott, in an old book [1], tells us that in Book III of Illustrations of Masonry (by William Preston) a short paper is printed in part maintaining one “Peter Gower” is claimed to have first brought Freemasonry into England. Via the Google Books archive, an 1867 edition of Preston’s book has been found. (Mrs. Pott used an earlier, 1796 edition.) Book III begins with a letter from John Locke, dated May 6, 1696, to Thomas, Earl of Pembroke. Locke encloses a copy of a manuscript located in the Bodleian Library. The original of the copy “is said to be the hand-writing of K[ing] Henry VI.” Therein we find (antique spellings as is)…

Question: Howe comede ytt yn Engelonde?

Answer: Peter Gower, a Grecian journeydde ffor kunnynge (cunning) yn Egypte, and in Syria, and yn everyche londe, whereas the Venetians (Phoenicians) hadde plaunted maçonrye, and wynnynge entraunce yn al lodges of maçonnes, he lerned muche, and retournedde, and woned yn Grecia Magna, wacksynge (waxing) and becommynge a myghtye wyseacre, and gratelyche renowned, and her he framed a grate lodge at Groton, and maked manye Maçonnes; some whereoffe dyde journeye yn Fraunce and maked manye Maçonnes; wherefromme, yn processe of tyme, the Arte passed in Engelonde.

Several footnotes in the 1867 edition explain: (1) The French pronunciation of Pythagoras is Petagore. This “Petagore” later became garbled into Peter Gower; (2) Grecia Magna is in Italy, where there was once a colony of Greeks; (3) Peter Gower (Pythagoras) “a mighty wiseacre”, and wiseacre, in the old Saxon, meant philosopher, wiseman, or wizard; (4) Groton here is not the English Groton, but Crotona, a city of Grecia Magna.

The Man in the Tower, Sir Walter Raleigh, pondered the subject of Chaos. This Mass, or indigested matter, or Chaos created in the beginning was without form. The Spirit of God next was effectually and often moving, keeping warm, and cherishing, quickening and stirring upon the Chaos. This Chaos was “the waters,” having diverse natures. (Background: A Strange Little Volume, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, January 12, 2019.)

Elsewhere, in the White House, President Donald Trump was also pondering Chaos. He tweets, “The Fakes always like talking Chaos…” It is apparent the U.S. President must be well aware of Raleigh’s obscured writings on this subject.

By the light of sputtering candles, in his cell in the Tower of London, Raleigh dipped a quill pen into the inkpot and continued with his Historie of the World: “Maim, id est, materies ad omnen rem conficiendam habilis; Matter apt to become every thing.” [2]

The jailer rattled his keys. “Hark! Ye have a visitor!” he cried. The door was unlocked and in walked Francis Bacon, carrying certain key reference volumes. “How goes it?” Bacon inquired.

“I am baffled by this Chaos,” Raleigh replied. “For my self I am resolved that although the effects which follow his wonderful ways of working, may in a measure be perceived by man’s understanding, yet the manner and first operation of his divine power, cannot be conceived by any mind, or spirit, compassed with a mortal body.” [2]

——- Sources ——-
[1] Francis Bacon and His Secret Society, by Mrs. Henry Pott. Reprint by
[2] Historie of the World (Book I, Chapter 1, Section 6: “How it is to bee understood that the Spirit of God moved upon the Waters”), by Walter Raleigh.


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