Shakspere Burns Down

As of January 13, 2019, the Shakespeare Theater in Stratford, Connecticut has burned down. [1]

The symbolism is that the myth of Stratford Willy is collapsing.

William Shakspere (variously spelled) is in the milieu of Francis Bacon. In 1645 an anonymous satirical poem, The Great Assizes holden in Parnassus by Apollo and his Assessours, was published. It tells the story of an assembly, chaired by Apollo, whose purpose is a general reformation of the world. Listed way at the bottom as one of the jurors is “William Shakespeere.” Guess whose name is at the top of the list as the Chancellor of Parnassus? (Answer: The Lord Verulam, i.e., Francis Bacon.) [2]

So how did a relative oaf like William Shakspere gain entrance to such a prestigious milieu (including such persons as Sir Philip Sidney and Ben Jonson)? “No one can doubt that Shakespeare, like Enoch, was a good Mason,” Mrs. Henry Pott informs us. (“According to the traditions of our venerable society,” the Royal Masonic Cyclopedia relates, “Enoch was a very eminent Mason, and preserved the true name of God, which the Jews subsequently lost.”) [3]

William Shakspere was a Freemason. And the Masons are democratic about whom they will admit. The only basic requirement was originally (in Bacon’s time) an upright character and belief in a supreme deity, the Great Architect. (Later, atheists and other Materialists seeped into Masonry.) This explains the presence of Stratford Willy in the Baconian milieu. [3]

Question: Where dyd ytt begynne? (Where did it begin?)

Answer: Ytt dydd begynne with the ffyrste menne yn the este, whych were before the ffyrste menne of the weste; and comyinge westlye, ytt hathe broughte herwyth alle comfortes to the wylde and comfortlesse. [4]

(A footnote explains, the first men in the east were before Adam, the first man of the west.)

During the reign of King Henry II, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar superintended the Masons, and employed them in building their Temple in Fleet street, A.D. 1155. [4]

Henry VI, a minor, succeeded to the throne in 1422. A letter from John Locke, dated May 6, 1696, to Thomas, Earl of Pembroke, encloses a copy of a manuscript located in the Bodleian Library. The original of the copy “is said to be the hand-writing of K[ing] Henry VI.” From this copy comes the antique language quoted above. [4]

Where did it begin? In England, in a way, it began with Peter Gower. It also, in a way, began with Anne Boleyn. When the wandering eye of King Henry VIII became enamored of Anne, “a grave matter like the divorcement of a royall spouse to wed a maide, suited not with fayre Anne’s notions of justice, and with a sweete grace she made answere when the King sued for favour: – ‘I am not high in birth as would befit a Queene, but I am too good to become your mistresse.'” [5] From the loins of Anne Boleyn came Elizabeth, later Queen of England and hidden patroness of literature. From that came Francis Bacon, his secret society, and its “good pens.”

——- Sources ——-
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