Ultima Thule and the Od Force

  Around 300 B.C. Pytheas of Massalia voyaged out into the Atlantic Ocean. From Scotland, Pytheas went further north. He saw the Midnight Sun, the Arctic, and polar ice. He reached Ultima Thule.

“The question of the location of Pytheas’ Thule remains.” Possibilities were suggested repeatedly by generations of writers: Iceland, Shetland, the Faroe Islands, Norway and later Greenland. [1]

Ultima Thule Was Greenland

Ancient Greenland was much warmer than previously thought, reported Science Daily on June 4, 2018. A mix of fly species preserved from the last two interglacial periods in a rare lake sediment core shows Greenland was once not the ice-covered wasteland it later became. [2]

Long ago, the white people had inhabited the Hyperborean land, until “climate change” (Earth Changes) chilled their homeland (Greenland). [3] Was it “carbon emissions” which caused the change? Or was kinetic energy released by a meteor, asteroid, or comet impact the cause? A tiny item in the February 2019 issue of Scientific American magazine tells us that in Ultima Thule (Greenland) a 19-mile-wide crater has been spotted. This is suspected to be evidence of a meteorite (or comet or asteroid) impact having occurred at some time in the past. [4]

The way in which the impact or near-impact of a comet caused Noah’s Flood and “climate change” is explained in my book, The Learned Hercules.

Geomagnetic Energy and Climate Change

Electro-biology signifies vital electricity, or the electric theory of life; electro-psychology signifies the electric theory of thought or of mind. We are entitled to deduce the probability of electric currents in the body. But we are not entitled on that account to say that the vital phenomena are electrical. [5]

The magnet, in addition to Ferro-mesmerism, produces a force capable of producing mesmeric sleep. Remember though that life itself is not attributed to Ferro-mesmerism. Mesmerism is synonymous with the odyle (OD Force) of Baron Karl von Reichenbach. [5]

The mesmeric state occurs spontaneously in sleep-walkers. [5] Reichenbach discovered that sleep-walking (somnambulism) “always followed the appearance of specific lunar phases, reaching maximum expression at full moon.” Radiations from the Moon caused allergenic reactions. The sleep-walkers (the “sensitives”) sought the moonlight, for it gave them some needed force. The moonlight itself did not convey the force. It was not light but some other special energy which was being carried by the light of the Moon. Reichenbach called it the Od (OD) Force. (Pronounced ode, as in lodestone.) And a strange thing about it, relating possibly to electro-magnetism, is that woolen cloth, especially heavily woven layers, blocked the mysterious currents. [6]

Understand that the sexes are oppositely electrified, that the masculine electricity has a negative charge and the feminine electricity has a positive charge. [7] Understand that electrical disturbances cause a canopy of cold in the upper atmosphere to descend. Understand that Earth’s heat comes from deep inside the core. (The intense core heat sometimes bursts forth from volcanoes. It is colder in the mountains because you are further away from the core heat, even though you are closer to the Sun.) Understand that influences producing the weather are primarily telluric and not exclusively solar. [8]

Understand most of all that the geomagnetism is changing. Electricity in the upper atmosphere is affected. A canopy of cold descends and does not mix with the warmer air. That warmer air is displaced, pushed aside to places like Greenland. The Greenland ice sheet melts, and coastal areas elsewhere are flooded. But hey (as irritating people are wont to say), is the glass half-empty or half-full? Displaced persons can move to the now-inviting climate of Greenland.

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