Magnetism of the Chamber

It must have been pre-planned, how the State Of The Union (SOTU) Address was re-scheduled for February 5th. This would have been disguised as a tiff between Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump. Pelosi disinvited Trump to “the Chamber” supposedly because she was angry, but really the two are good pals who enjoy bowling together in the White House basement.

Pelosi and Trump must have both realized that the Od Force levels would be optimally low around the time of the New Moon and the Lunar New Year, and so the SOTU got re-scheduled. (Recall from yesterday’s blog entry how Baron von Reichenbach had discovered that the Od Force reached maximum expression at Full Moon.)

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez undoubtedly is fully aware of the potential for “ground batteries.” She wants the U.S. to “go green” with alternative energy. What Ocasio-Cortez dare not mention at this point, because of powerful entities who would oppose it, is the use of earth batteries. It is a FACT that numerous U.S. patents support the claim that earth batteries – batteries placed in the ground at key locations which can provide usable industrial-strength electrical power – are viable. [1]

The key locations for the earth batteries are akin to the worldwide energy grid of Commander Bruce Cathie. These earth batteries cannot be placed just anywhere, but at certain locations, sensitive ground spots having uncommonly great electrical activity. Furthermore, the burial of an earth energy cell (battery) requires a little time to build up charge. Yet when this is accomplished, the energetic output is sometimes phenomenal. [1]

No doubt Ocasio-Cortez would know how the Knights Templar had discovered what they called “sacred sites”, interconnected “woivres” which meander across the land. [1] These could be ideal spots where to bury the earth batteries.

Not so long ago, Nikola Tesla declared that “rays from space” were bombarding Earth. Huge electrical energy was being released by the Sun. Tesla experimentally verified that Earth was storing electrical charge from the Sun. [1]

But secret forces do not want you to know this. If we could just place earth batteries in our back yards, then who would need the power companies?

Behind-the-scenes, Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi will be fighting hard – together – to bring earth batteries to The People! For that reason they caused it to happen that The Chamber (House of Representatives) was sealed up like a Leyden jar at the crucial time of February 5th, coincident to the New Moon and the Lunar New Year, so as to keep all possible Od Forces from entering and magnetizing The Chamber.

(The above, in a way, has been a satire; then again, in a way, it is not a satire.)

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Earth Energy and Vocal Radio: Nathan Stubblefield”. From Lost Science, by Gerry Vassilatos. Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 1999.


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