The Drama Unfolds

At the start of the drama you are bummed out. As the drama unfolds, you are caught up in it and taken out of yourself.

This week’s drama begins today, a Monday, and you are bummed out. The playbill tells what is ahead.

Act II, on Tuesday, is the Lincoln’s Birthday repertoire. We see how Lincoln, like Julius Caesar, was killed by his closest friends, such as Edwin Stanton and Thaddeus Stevens. We see how Lincoln endured a hostile press, just as Donald Trump now does.

Act III, on Thursday, is the Valentine’s Day montage. Buy something for your honey, or else she will kill you.

Act IV, on Friday, is the big climactic scene. By now you are no longer bummed out but are yourself caught up in the drama. Will they reach a deal, or will it be Shutdown II?

(SPOILER ALERT: President Donald Trump will build “The Wall” no matter what happens. Some two-bit federal judge will issue an injunction, but he/she will be overruled.)

The denouement comes in Act V. Either Shutdown II will or will not happen. (I won’t give away the ending.)

It is the actors and actresses who make or break the drama. Some of the stars, like Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have great magnetism which they bring to their roles.

The personal magnetism of the actors, though, has a complication. Behind-the-scenes, the overall magnetism itself is changing! This begins tomorrow, in Act II, when the First Quarter Moon arrives. From then on, up to Act V and the Full Moon of February 19th, the Od Force will be waxing strong.

An additional nuance is that the actresses are dressed all in white. (But not the actors.) The white reflects the moonlight which carries the Od Force. The device is utilized so as to not overcharge Od Forces amongst the actresses.

And, as if that is not enough, “THE Magnetic North is moving at an unprecedented rate and scientists are concerned it could spark a POLE REVERSAL and cause widespread tech CHAOS.” [1]

A further subtlety in the developing drama is, a space rock called 2014 MU69 has been nicknamed by the scientists “Ultima Thule.” [2]

So sit back and watch it unfold. The drama begins slowly but picks up speed as the play proceeds.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Earth’s magnetic field could FLIP and WIPE OUT satellite technology”, by Sean Martin. Express (UK), February 9, 2019.
[2] “‘We’ve Never Seen Something Like This Orbiting The Sun’: Ultima Thule Is Still Weird”, by Aylin Woodward et al. Science Alert, February 10, 2019.


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