Mr. 2028 Photographs T. Rex

A time traveler from 2028 has supposedly come back to 2019. The time traveler – let us call him Mr. 2028 – “reveals that we have known how to manipulate other dimensions since 1981!” [1]

Significantly, Mr. 2028 says a secret science has known about the “other dimensions” since 1981. That year roughly coincides with what Preston Nichols revealed in the 1990s: at Montauk Air Force Base in 1983 there had been a revolt of the engineers. They did not like how the authorities were monkeying around with time. What if the government went back in time and changed the life of Christ!? (See my book, Our Friend, The Ether.)

The “other dimensions” include the fourth dimension. The atom is the point of intersection between the fourth dimension and our perceived 3-D world. Immanuel Kant divided our perceptions between inner and outer. The “outer” is what we perceive to be “out there”, apart from our inner selves. Our perceptions are limited though by our “feelers”, our ant antennae, the five senses. Even when our “feelers” are expanded via telescopes and microscopes our perception is limited. To compensate for this lack, we project “reality” onto the outside world. [2]

When the scientists take their measurements, they are measuring the inmensurable. They measure the Linga Sharîra, the form which changes with time. The true form is outside of “time”. [2]

Mr. 2028 is doubtful due to his having brought a photo of T. Rex from 66 million years ago, which he supposedly journeyed back in time to obtain. The T. Rex in his picture is purple in color. “This photo is clearly CGI and not really well-done.” [1]

Charles Howard Hinton (1853 – 1907) used the word “tesseract” to describe elements in the fourth dimension. He also invented the words kata (from the Greek for “down from”) and ana (from the Greek for “up toward”) to describe the additional two opposing fourth-dimensional directions (an additional 4th axis of motion analogous to left-right (x), up-down (y), and forwards-backwards (z)). [3] This leads to linear algebra, matrices, and vector spaces. DO NOT BE FRIGHTENED. The variables are only symbols meant to ease your efforts at understanding. We have been taught to be terrified of the variables by means of hideous, time-restricted “tests” in the schools.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Time traveler from 2028 captures photo of T-Rex from 66 million years ago”, by Susan Leighton. 1428 Elm (Horror Genre News and Commentary), May 5, 2019.
[2] Tertium Organum, by P.D. Ouspensky.
[3] “Charles Howard Hinton”, Wikipedia. Accessed May 6, 2019.


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