Tramps Spreading Smallpox

In Anna, Illinois on February 6, 1890, the “Red Pest” had made an appearance, reported the Lawrence Daily Record on that day. The “Red Pest” was smallpox and “Tramps are supposed to have brought the plague to the city,” it was reported. At first, members of the local Ford family were thought to have mere chicken pox, and friendly neighbors had unwittingly exposed themselves while aiding them. When the true situation was discovered, the local Board of Health imposed a quarantine on the locality.

Too bad they did not have Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker back then. He would have taken no chances and quarantined the entire State.

On March 8, 1900, The Shelbyville (Indiana) Daily Democrat carried a special report from Coroner Booher. He had departed Shelbyville for a train journey west on February 19th. In the depot at Kansas City, Coroner Booher marveled at seeing a banjo played by electricity. When he reached Austin, Texas, the legislature was in session and the good doctor learned, “Mr. Smallpox was there.” Booher reported he got away from Austin in a hurry.

There are many other amazing smallpox stories to be found in Dissolving Illusions, by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk. I liked their chapter on Leicester, England and rebellions against mass smallpox vaccinations during the 19th century.

Smallpox was a much scarier disease than what we have now, the coroner-virus. Back in the closing frontier days those people must have been a lot tougher than what we have now. Perspective on smallpox is given by Humphries and Bystrianyk in their book. They show that, contrary to what we are told, mass smallpox vaccinations actually increased the problem.

You might like to “rewind the tape” and take a second look at smallpox and also at the coroner-virus. My new book, Coronavirus CATASTROPHE, rewinds the tape for events of the past few months.

Illinois was flat broke when the coroner-virus panic hit, and now we are broker. Today the Illinois legislature convenes for discussing the new State budget starting in July. Where will the money come from to fund Illinois? Planned may be extortion against Illinoisans through cutting off police, fire and hospital funds: The Feds must bail out Illinois – or else! In Boston in 1919, during the time of Spanish Flu, police officers went on strike. During the strike, Boston experienced several nights of lawlessness. Several thousand members of the Massachusetts State Guard, supported by volunteers, restored order by force. Then-Governor Calvin Coolidge rebuked Samuel Gompers of the American Federation of Labor (AFL). [1]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Boston Police Strike”, Wikipedia. Accessed May 20, 2020.


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