Theory of Garfield Assassination

“They pushed him to do it!” That was the Booth family lore on why John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln. Booth, using an alias, had married Izola Forrester in 1859. She was already pregnant by Booth at the time. The child of their union, Ogarita Booth, was born in 1859. Izola Forrester, who claimed to be Booth’s grand-daughter, daughter of Ogarita Booth, connected the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) to the Knights Templars, in her 1937 book, This One Mad Act. That book today is almost impossible to obtain, but therein the Booth family lore – They pushed him to do it – can be found.

In June 1880, Charles Guiteau moved to New York “to take an active part in politics,” he tells us in his book, The Truth and the Removal. The “Stalwart” faction of the Republican Party took notice of him. He became familiar with members of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Guiteau was in New York from June 1880 to March 1881.

James Garfield was elected because of the “greatest activity” of the Stalwarts. Garfield picked James Blaine for Secretary of State and Blaine was “the worst enemy that [Ulysses] Grant and [Roscoe] Conkling had”. Blaine “used Garfield to crush Grant and Conkling and [Chester Alan] Arthur” yet these were “the very men that made Garfield President.” [1]

By the middle of May 1881 the Republican Party “began to heat up.” On May 20, 1881, New York Senators Conkling and Thomas Platt suddenly resigned. “The public mind was greatly excited over their resignation…” By the first of June the Republican Party “was red hot. By the 1st of July it was white hot. If this spirit had not been killed by the President’s removal, the nation would soon have been in a flame of civil war.” The “removal” of Garfield “was necessary.” [1]

Guiteau shot Garfield on July 2, 1881. (Some say July 2, 1776, not July 4th, is America’s true Independence Day.) Garfield “lingered” until September 19th, and his doctors hastened his demise.

“Many people” slowly came to realize that Guiteau had “saved the nation. Listen to this from a Philadelphia gentleman.” [1]

“You have cemented the Republican Party and saved the nation. Your name will live in history and go down through the ages linked with the patriot Brutus.”

Guiteau loved Garfield no less that Brutus loved Julius Caesar. Guiteau nonetheless, like Brutus, killed Caesar: “Not that Guiteau loved Garfield less, but he loved his country more… As Garfield loved Guiteau, Guiteau weeps for him…” [1]

After Garfield was shot, Guiteau was taken into custody. Detective McElfresh and Lieutenant Austin had charge of the prisoner. [1]

McELFRISH: Why did you shoot Garfield?

GUITEAU: Because he was wrecking the Republican Party and we were heading towards civil war.

McELFRISH: There are a great many people of your way of thinking.

It was not – NOT – about a “Paris consulship” says Guiteau. “I would not have taken any office from the President after June 1, under any circumstances.” [1]

In the book, Double Cross, by Sam and Chuck Giancana, the reason given for the murder of JFK is that brothers Robert and Jack Kennedy had double-crossed organized crime. Was James Garfield also a double-crosser? The Stalwart faction of the Republican Party in 1880 had gotten Garfield elected, then, under the influence of James Blaine, President Garfield began to double cross the Stalwarts. The RNC in New York was familiar with an unbalanced individual, Charles Guiteau, and began working to subtly persuade him that “the Lord” wanted Garfield dead. They pushed him to do it.

——- Sources ——-
[1] The Truth and the Removal, by Charles Guiteau.


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