June Busting Out All Over

June is busting out all over and the Illinois governor, J.B. Pritzker, is having fits. It seems the Illinoisans have been busting out to other States for their open restaurants and taverns. But what can J.B. do? Will he build a Berlin Wall around Illinois? That will take awhile. In the meantime Governor J.B. just “urges against it” and feeds on paranoid delusions inside his Gold Coast apartment. Little Lord Pritzker, for now, graciously allows Illinoisans to cross the State line “in any direction.” [1]

We have reached 100,000 coroner-virus deaths in the U.S. With the U.S. population at 300+ million, that means the death rate is 0.033 percent. That is mighty small. 3 percent would be 3 people per hundred. 0.3 percent would be three-tenths of a person per hundred. 0.033 percent is three-and-a-third hundreths of one person per hundred. And that number doesn’t take comorbidities into account, i.e., underlying conditions such as gunshot wounds.

Things are kind of depressing in the “news”, so let’s go back to an earlier time when June was busting out all over. On June 1, 1905, the New York Daily Times (possibly what the New York Times was called back then) was reporting:

  • The King of Spain was “driving” (in a carriage) away from attending a “gala performance” of Opera during the wee hours of June 1st when an anarchist threw a bomb at the royal carriage! Several soldiers of the King’s escort were thrown from their horses by the blast, but the royal highness was not hurt. Earlier, a provocative banner reading, “Remember the victims of Barcelona”, had been seen.
  • Masked men had been seen in Minnesota! In Guthrie, Minnesota, the masked men robbed the post office then marched the hostages for 11 miles before letting them go.
  • In London, the Duchess of Westminster was robbed of valuable jewels! The affair “is a complete mystery”, said police. One of the missing jewels was “a famous necklace.”
  • A New York banker was badly beaten in Pittsburgh! He had gone to a hotel for a meeting, then refused to sign some papers. Whereupon a fight ensued. During the battle, the banker was down on the floor crying, “Murder!”
  • Elsewhere in Pennsylvania, robbers tried to rob the “No. 10” train but were fooled by a “decoy train” filled with armed guards. An ex-brakeman was nabbed by the guards, but others of the gang escaped.
  • A Russian naval officer and his ship had been “encircled by Togo’s ships.” Admiral Nakhimoff surrendered to Admiral Togo of Japan. It seems to have been a disastrous defeat for the Russkies. The Jap fleet suffered little but the Russian fleet was battered on all sides. The Russian people were tasting “the bitterness of unmerited humiliation” but the Tsar was hesitating. In St. Petersburg, crowds “moved about aimlessly, semi-dazed, staring incredulously and sorrowfully at the newspapers…”
  • New York Police Commissioner McAdoo was so pleased by Chinatown raids conducted by Captain Eggers that he calls him hereafter Captain “Togo” Eggers.
  • In Poland, Russian Cossacks opened fire on strikers who had been stoning them. Two men were killed and six were injured. “A condition almost approaching anarchy” was reported. [2]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Neighborhood Watch”, Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, May 26, 2020. Page A-1.
[2] New York Daily Times, June 1, 1905.


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