“I Can’t Breathe!”

“Nashville ‘I Will Breathe’”, reported that city’s ABC affiliate WKRN. [1] The theme of breathing is evident, such as in the breath-inhibiting face masks and the disturbing George Floyd “I can’t breathe” videos out of Minneapolis.

Mighty Lord Pritzker of Illinois has ordered all to wear face masks in the grocery stores. I report less oxygen intake from this practice.

On May 30, 2020, at 9:08 pm, President Trump tweeted as follows:

The National Guard has been released in Minneapolis to do the job that the Democrat Mayor couldn’t do. Should have been used 2 days ago & there would not have been damage & Police Headquarters would not have been taken over & ruined. Great job by the National Guard. No games!

Earlier that day, at 7:20 pm, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz tweeted, “We Estimate 80% of the Rioters Are from out of State.”

In the May 29th blog entry, Ersjdamoo noticed, “Rioters in Minneapolis are not practicing the correct social distancing. Many are not wearing face masks!” Now comes news from Associated Press: “Massive protests raise fears of new virus outbreaks.” The mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, warns, “If you were out protesting last night, you probably need to go get a COVID test this week.” [2]

But is the coroner-virus really as dangerous as presumed? Many rioters obviously don’t think so. My book, Coronavirus CATASTROPHE, re-examines the March/April mass panic. A reader reports submitting a review of the book which review, he says, was censored.

On May 28, 2020, National Public Radio (NPR) reported, “Mounting evidence suggests the coronavirus is more common and less deadly than it first appeared.” [3]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Nashville ‘I Will Breathe’: Protesters dispersed by smoke bomb as protesters vandalize, set fire to Metro courthouse”, by Joey Gill. WKRN, May 30, 2020. https://www.wkrn.com/news/local-news/nashville-i-will-breathe-protesters-spray-graffiti-on-break-out-windows-of-metro-courthouse/
[2] “Massive protests raise fears of new virus outbreaks”, by Brian Melley and John Seewer. Associated Press, May 31, 2020. https://apnews.com/1e76c11205a2c551394627667147d208
[3] “Antibody Tests Point To Lower Death Rate For The Coronavirus Than First Thought”, by Jon Hamilton. National Public Radio (NPR), May 28, 2020. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/05/28/863944333/antibody-tests-point-to-lower-death-rate-for-the-coronavirus-than-first-thought?ft=nprml&f=1001


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