Petticoat Government Impeachment Process

Kate and Uncle Joe, Petticoat Junction

The incoming Petticoat Government plans a “swift impeachment” of President Donald Trump. They “want him out now”. [1] However in the House of Representatives, consideration will have to be given to a new code of conduct that requires gender-neutral language. So, for example, terms like father, mother, son, daughter, brother, and sister are not allowed. Aunt and uncle will be replaced by “parent’s sibling.” Lawmakers also must inculcate such words as “parent-in-law,” “stepsibling” and “sibling’s child” to replace “mother-in-law,” “stepsister” and “niece.” “He” or “she” references to House members are instead “such member,” “delegate” or “resident commissioner.” [2] It looks to be the first-ever gender-neutral impeachment. Plus they have only nine days to do it, since the Pretender, Joe Biden, occupies the throne on January 20th.

Biden is the Pretender because he sits on the front porch snoozing while, inside the Shady Rest, it is “Kate” (Kamala Harris) who runs things.

There’s a little hotel called the Shady Rest at the Junction.
It is run by Kate, come and be her guest at the Junction.
And that’s Uncle Joe, he’s a-movin’ kind of slow, at the Junction.
Petticoat Junction.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was elected president four times, but he essentially served only three terms since he died early in his fourth term. Uncle Joe Biden, after inauguration, is quickly moved off to the Happy Home and Vice-Pretender Kamala Harris assumes the presidency. This means she can essentially serve three full terms, as did FDR.

Meanwhile, the “Bonnie Prince Charlie” (Donald Trump) must flee the country, as Charles Edward Stuart had to flee Scotland. So who was the true king, Charles Edward Stuart or George Augustus (King George II)? Each side called the other The Pretender. For one side, Bonnie Prince Charlie was the rightful king-in-exile. And isn’t it interesting that Donald Trump’s mother – oops! I mean to say his curvily shaped parental unit – is of Scottish ancestry?

On a side note, Prince Michael of Albany, either the current rightful king of Scots or the Pretender (depending on your viewpoint), says in his book, The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland, that Bonnie Prince Charlie was offered the position of first king of the United States after the American Revolution, but due to circumstances had to reluctantly reject the offer. Thereafter the position of president was created in the newly-formed United States.

Our own Bonnie Prince Charlie, Donald Trump, is urged to negotiate political asylum in Finland. The Petticoat Government has been thirsting for his blood for years and will not stop. Finland is highly estimated by Ersjdamoo due to its having withstood encroachments by both German Nazis and Soviet Communists.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Democrats plan swift impeachment of Trump, say they want him out now”, Associated Press. Published locally in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, January 9, 2021, page A-3.
[2] “‘Out of touch with reality’: Tulsi Gabbard rips fellow Democrats after Congress imposes new rules on gendered language”, Russia Today (RT), January 5, 2021.


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