Chilling Tales of the Petticoat Government

Members of “petticoat government” in Winslow, Arkansas (1925)

In regard to the Petticoat affair, Andrew Jackson later remarked, “I would rather have live vermin on my back than the tongue of one of these Washington women on my reputation.” A group of women in Washington, DC had bared their cats claws against one Peggy Eaton. The Eaton Affair preoccupied Andrew Jackson throughout his first presidency and lived on in nineteenth-century popular memory. A dissonance between the place of women in mass and elite Jacksonian political cultures led to a clash of the two classes in the Eaton Affair and would shape both for years to come: stigmatizing “petticoat government” among the masses. [1][2]

The current incoming Petticoat Government in Washington, DC again witnesses a dissonance between elite Ivy League-type women and working-class women. What was the top priority for the new Petticoat Government? It was to implement a code of conduct that requires gender-neutral language. Commenting on the bizarre implementation, outgoing US Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) stated, “It’s mind-blowing because it shows just how out of touch with reality and the struggles of everyday Americans people in Congress are.” [3]

These (above) are just two samples of what happens when the hideous Petticoat Government, like Lazarus, rises from the dead. Another chilling tale of Petticoat Government was given in 1910 by Baroness Orczy, in her novel, Petticoat Government. A story of the French aristocracy, the book concerns Madame de Pompadour’s influence over the King and France. [4] Jeanne Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, a.k.a. Madmoiselle d’Etioles, “enslaved a King and ruined a nation.” Looking like “a veritable heaven of angelic smiles” she “ruled the King and France.” However Mademoiselle d’Aumont frowned “stern disapproval” at the Marquise de Pompadour. [5] (Marquise de Kamala Harris gained control over the dotard Pretender Joe Biden and ruined a nation. However Mademoiselle Tulsi Gabbard frowned stern disapproval.)

But, said King Louis, “I drink to our gallant Chevalier de St. George, his Majesty King Charles Edward Stuart of England, Scotland, Wales, and of the whole of that fog-ridden kingdom.” Success to the cause of Charles Edward Stuart, nicknamed Bonnie Prince Charlie, was assured, he said, “if France will lend me the aid she promised.” [5] But then something went wrong and somehow the French assistance never arrived in Scotland. Was it the Marquise de Pompadour and Petticoat Government which caused Bonnie Prince Charlie to thereafter wander earth an exile? And what of Donald Trump? The cats claws have been out for him ever since he came to the Swampy Town. Does Trump think he can at last leave Swampy Town and live at peace in the United States? Au contraire: the clique of in-group womyn who have hounded him want every last drop of blood they can drain from his body. Trump’s blood is used by them for beauty baths, to keep their skins youthful. Without Trump’s blood, they will shrivel up into prunes. (The Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathery, murdered as many as 650 young women for their blood. She believed bathing in it would preserve her vitality and beauty. [6]) Foreseen is that Donald Trump, like Bonnie Prince Charlie, shall be forced by the circumstances to wander earth an exile.

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