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Boodts Says Diaries Fake

Naomi Wolf, author and former political consultant for Al Gore, calls it “fear porn.” This term was used by Wolf in relation to the ISIS beheading videos. The current “fear porn” is in regard to the Ebola virus. What will … Continue reading

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Paving Over the Truth of the Tsar

Best of drunk Boris Yeltsin! In 1977, Boris Yeltsin, at that time Communist Party boss of Ekaterinburg (then called Sverdlovsk), received orders from Moscow: Destroy the Ipatiev House! [1] In the wee hours of the morning, when evil deeds abound, … Continue reading

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Tsar Trapped In Labyrinth

The Tsar is trapped in a labyrinth. Can you help him get out? You will need to follow various Ariadne threads to get to the Tsar. These threads will lead to other threads, and you yourself could become trapped in … Continue reading

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Living Labyrinthe of the Tsar

After the disappearance of Tsar Nicholas II, the Tsarina Alexandra, and their children, a living labyrinthe of the Tsar began to grow. Various Ariadne threads might lead to the center of the maze, where the seeker could at last find … Continue reading

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The Amazing Polish Factory Worker

When Prince Frederick Ernest of Saxe-Altenburg requested a meeting with Anna Anderson in 1931, she responded, “How can I know you are really a person of royalty and not a Polish factory worker?” This was because a Romanov family faction … Continue reading

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Tsar Was "Man In Iron Mask"

In 1976, two British journalists, Anthony Summers and Tom Mangold, saw their book, The File On the Tsar, climb towards the top of the bestseller charts. In the Preface to that book, Summers and Mangold explained how they unearthed the … Continue reading

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Tsar Returns In "Neverwas"

In 1996, Ian McKellan starred as Tsar Nicholas II in the film, “Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny.” A film released directly to DVD in 2007, “Neverwas”, again features Ian McKellan as a monarch, this time King of “Neverwas.” In “Neverwas”, … Continue reading

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