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Whatever Happened To Ebola?

Ebola Fearmongering: Myths, conspiracies and ‘cures’ go viral It was only a month ago that the “big crisis” was the Ebola epidemic. Can you remember back to those far away times? Ebola had traveled to America! (Buy newspapers!) A few … Continue reading

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Major Gaffe Unchallenged About September 1939

The Nazi Invasion of Poland in 1939 Vanessa Gera of Associated Press had reported that the Soviets invaded Poland in September 1939. Ersjdamoo’s Blog jeered at this error. (Background: Poland, The Next Big Crisis, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of September 18, … Continue reading

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Flight MH-17 Truth Emerges

UKRAINE No Sign Of Missile But Lots Of Machine Gun Holes: OSCE Monitor On MH17 Robert Parry is best known for his role in covering the Iran-Contra affair for the Associated Press and Newsweek, and the CIA and Contras cocaine … Continue reading

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Look Homeward, America

The “parallels are striking” between now and 100 years ago, writes Ilan Berman for U.S. News & World Report. “Today’s global tensions echo the lead-up to World War I. Could this be the end for our world order?” [1] “Like … Continue reading

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