Return Of Iran-Contra

It is the return of Iran-Contra. It is the return of Watergate. It is this summer’s seat-of-your-pants extravaganza, Russiagate.

Robert Mueller III has been appointed Special Prosecutor in the Russiagate affair. During the Iran-Contra scandal, Lawrence Walsh was appointed Independent Counsel in December 1986. The Walsh investigation submitted its final report on August 4, 1993. [1]

So add that up: The Iran-Contra investigation lasted almost seven years!

Better lay in lots of popcorn. This Russiagate thing could be a L-O-N-G movie.

On June 15, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued a statement, warning Americans to be “skeptical” about stories with anonymous sources. [2]

But that is “old news”, baby! Assuming that most Americans have a very short memory, today Reuters has released yet another of these “anonymous sources” stories. What, didn’t the Deputy Attorney General just caution us about such things? Gee, I can’t remember.

Anyway, for those addicted to such “secret sources” (ss) type reports, FBI investigators are now focusing upon one Bijan Kian, former business partner of Michael Flynn, according to yet-another Deep Throat speaking from the shadows. [3]

Both Kian and Flynn declined to comment. And wisely so! Otherwise it becomes a game of Twenty Questions. Is it bigger than a breadbox? Whichever way you answer, you have revealed something.

Mueller and his investigators, according to secret sources which the Deputy Attorney General advises us to be skeptical about, seek to get Flynn to “roll over.” They grant Flynn immunity and he “rolls over” and a higher-level domino begins to feel the heat. [3]

All this is very exciting. But remember how the Iran-Contra investigation took almost seven years to complete.

And remember way back to June 8th, when fired FBI Director James Comey offered this pearl of wisdom: “The people talking about it often don’t really know what’s going on, and the people who know what’s going on are not talking about it.”

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Deputy AG Warns About Secret Sources

On June 15, 2017, Ersjdamoo’s Blog warned about Secret Sources On the Prowl. Later, that same day, news came that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had issued a statement, warning Americans to be “skeptical” about stories with anonymous sources. [1]

“Anonymous sources” are, in other words, the “secret sources” (ss). On June 14, 2017, a man opened fire as several Republican members of Congress were practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, scheduled for the next day. [2] The next day, the game was played as scheduled in defiance of the intimidation. But it was also on that same day that the ss (secret sources) let it be known, through their conduit, The Washington Post, that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III was investigating the finances and business dealings of Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law. [3]

Is Robert Mueller running a leaky boat? How else would the secret sources have known what they did, unless they were inside Mueller’s office?

The statement issued by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on June 15th reads in part as follows:

Americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous ‘officials,’ particularly when they do not identify the country – let alone the branch or agency of government – with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated. Americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations. The Department of Justice has a long-established policy to neither confirm nor deny such allegations.

Today, on Showtime, Oliver Stone’s “The Putin Interviews” is scheduled to air. Stone reportedly challenges the view that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. [4] In an interview with Tucker Carlson, hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry, Stone was asked why were the liberals angry with him for interviewing Russian president Vladimir Putin. Asked Carlson, “You’ve gotten a hostile reception from the American left. I always thought of you as a part of the American left. Why?”

To this Stone responded, “It goes to show you that nothing is as it seems. There’s all kinds of fracturing. There is a progressive left and much of the progressive left divorced from Hillary Clinton in the election. People like myself went third party. The reason was that she had essentially become, in the last 20 years, has become a neo-conservative. She has backed all the neo-con… Basically the invasion of Libya, the destruction of Libya (which is crucial), she backed the Iraq War, she has been a major figure in attacking the sovereignty of Syria.”

Rather than look for “evil Russians” hiding under the bed, the Clinton faction of the Democrat Party might want to ponder on how they totally screwed the Bernie Sanders faction and its millions of supporters.

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Deep State, Fourth Estate, Pontificate

A movie from 1991, Kafka, starring Alec Guinness and Jeremy Irons, gives clues to the Deep State. The Deep State exists in “The Castle” and ordinary citizens cannot penetrate its domain. The Castle, on the other hand, can penetrate your domain and even assassinate you, if it so decides.

The emergence of the Deep State is related in a book published in 1964: The Invisible Government, by David Wise and Thomas B. Ross. Inexpensive, used copies of the book are currently available via the Amazon web site.

The Deep State is “an invisible government with the CIA at its center, that conducts the clandestine policies of the United States in the Cold War,” wrote Wise and Ross. But it is “made up of many agencies and people, including the intelligence branches of the State and Defense Departments, of the Army, Navy and Air Force; specialists in codes, propaganda and espionage; and even seemingly private companies and institutions, academic groups, radio stations, a steamship line and a publishing house.”

“But largest and most important of all is the Central Intelligence Agency.” [1]

Early in his administration, President Donald Trump decided to cancel the CIA’s daily presidential briefing. But, advised Senator Charles Schumer, Trump was “being really dumb” by feuding with the CIA. Said Schumer: “You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” [2]

In the early 1950s, the CIA began “Operation Mockingbird”, a large-scale program which attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations. [3] Later, in the 1970s, Carl Bernstein, of the famous Woodward/Bernstein duo, had an article published in Rolling Stone magazine in which he warned about the CIA’s penetration of the newsrooms. It is curious that Bernstein’s article appeared not too long after the Woodward/Bernstein Watergating of President Richard Nixon.

The Deep State and the Fourth Estate (“news”) now pontificate constantly against President Donald Trump. Gone is even any pretense of impartiality. Where is the balance now in newspapers such as the Washington Post? Sure, you can criticize the president. But a balanced newspaper would also carry reports of a positive nature.

President Trump re-tweeted, on June 16th, a Sean Hannity tweet advertising a monologue on the Deep State. The approximately 12-minute video of Hannity’s monologue, “The deep state’s massive effort to destroy Trump”, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

——- Sources ——-
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Putin Offers Asylum To Comey

February 14, 2017, was a big day. According to testimony from fired FBI Director James Comey, on that Valentines Day President Donald Trump said that fired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was a “good guy” and the president hoped that Comey might give Flynn a break.

Also on that momentous Valentines Day, The New York Times published an article which suggested the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians. Stated Senator James Risch at the June 8th Senate hearing: “I remember, you talked with us shortly after February 14th, when the New York Times wrote an article that suggested that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians.”

Risch asked Comey if he recalled reading the Times article and Comey replied that yes, he did.

Comey added that after reading the Times article he sought out both Republican and Democrat senators and informed them that the Times article was not factual.

RISCH: Okay. So again, so the American people can understand this, that report by the New York Times was not true. Is that a fair statement?

COMEY: In the main, it was not true. And again, all of you know this. Maybe the American people don’t. The challenge, and I’m not picking on reporters about writing stories about classified information, is the people talking about it often don’t really know what’s going on, and [the people who know what’s] going on are not talking about it. We don’t call the press to say, hey, you got that thing wrong about the sensitive topic. We have to leave it there.

The “people talking about it” are the “secret sources” (ss). The ss, the people talking about it, don’t really know what’s going on.

So when now the ss (secret sources) are bombarding The Washington Post with leaks possibly originating from the staff of Robert Mueller III, special counsel investigating Russiagate, they are “the people talking about it” who “don’t really know what’s going on.”

If the latest ss info given to Washington Post originates from the staff of Robert Mueller, then already Mueller is running a leaky boat.

On top of this, Russian president Vladimir Putin has now offered the fired FBI Director Comey political asylum in Russia! (See video clip hopefully viewable at top.) Was Putin just joking? But wasn’t Donald Trump “just joking” when he publicly said he hoped the Russians would release Hillary Clinton’s e-mails?

As you can see, this summer’s Russiagate entertainment is becoming extraordinarily complex. The plot thickens. But who is writing the script?


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Secret Sources On the Prowl

The enemies of President Donald Trump had failed miserably. First came the comical testimony of James “I Could Be Wrong” Comey, the fired FBI Director. Then came the “grilling” of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who acquitted himself well. (Background: From Russiagate, With Love, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, June 14, 2017.)

It was time to double-down on use of the “secret sources” (ss). The ss were ordered by the Deep State to pester overtime the CIA conduit, The Washington Post. And so, almost immediately after Jeff Sessions emerged victorious from the field of honor (Senate hearing, June 13th), the Post ran another of its endless secret sources stories.

Un-named “officials” who speak from the shadows and cannot be cross-examined have told the Post that a “widening probe” now includes an examination of whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice. [1]

“It worked with Nixon,” decided the Deep State. In the old Watergate playbook, Alexander Haig had played the role of Deep Throat (it was NOT Mark Felt). Bob Woodward, a Naval officer, was hurriedly “sheep-dipped” into the disguise of reporter at The Washington Post. The CIA-infiltrated newsrooms of the nation worked as an amplifier for whatever they were fed by the Haig/Woodward duo. [2] [3] [4]

“It worked with Nixon,” decided the Deep State. “Ah”, but noticed the local newspaper, “Nixon didn’t have a Twitter.” [5]

Nixon also did not have an array of citizen journalists offering “alternative facts” on the Internet. This ain’t 1974, baby.

In their respective testimonies of June 8th and June 13th, James Comey and Jeff Sessions both agreed that a February 14, 2017 report by The New York Times was garbage. That report may have been “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence”, by Michael S. Schmidt, et al. Former FBI Director Comey explained, though, the bind he was then in: Back when he was an FBI Director, he could not openly say, “The Times report is wrong.” If he had done so, it would have compromised an ongoing investigation. It would have been a “slippery slope”: If Comey had openly commented on the Times story, where would it stop?

It is “TVs most irresistible reality series”, commented the local newspaper. [5] It is Russiagate. But who is writing the script?

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From Russiagate, With Love

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 13, 2017. He was “grilled” by some members of the committee who had strangely been much more collegial when fired FBI Director James Comey testified the previous week. Now some committee members were out for blood, whereas things had been cozy during the Comey testimony.

Sessions acquitted himself well. There is NO SUBSTANCE at this point for allegations of some deep, dark conspiracy between the administration of President Donald Trump and the Russians.

I watched the committee hearing live on C-SPAN3 from the start until Senator Marco Rubio finished questioning Sessions. This included hostile questioning by Senators Mark Warner and Dianne Feinstein. At that point I had other things to do and stopped watching. I intend to study the transcript of the hearing for any inadvertent clues, but at this point Sessions seemed solid to me.

Reference was made to a New York Times report of February 14, 2017 during both the Comey and the Sessions hearings. Regarding that New York Times report, both Comey and Sessions agreed it was garbage.

A short video about the Sessions hearing, from the Russia Today (RT) network, gives Alexey Yaroshevsky’s immediate impression. Yaroshevsky endured the entire hearing and reported there had not been much of drama. Yaroshevsky reported that the Sessions hearing had not received nearly the hype that the earlier Comey hearing had. That short video can hopefully be viewed below.

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Summer Of Russiagate

1967 was the Summer of Love. Fifty years later, 2017 is the Summer of Russiagate.

All eyes will turn to Washington, DC today when Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies. Sessions is scheduled to appear at 2:30 pm eastern time before an open session of the Senate panel investigating Russiagate.

Reuters also reports that U.S. lawmakers will “grill” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at “congressional hearings” starting today. [1]

Not known is if what a Washington Post article described as the Shadow Secretary of State will also be “grilled.” Senator John McCain is reportedly the Shadow Secretary of State. McCain “is serving as a shadow secretary of state,” reported the Washington Post, “trying to clean up or refute statements and positions that [President] Trump has made.” [2]

Many have alleged that former-president Barack Obama has established a “shadow government” in Washington, DC at his newly acquired mansion.

Fired FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate panel on June 8, 2017. A transcript of his testimony is being slowly parsed. Where are Comey’s memos? Comey wrote “302s” to himself to record conversations he had with Donald Trump. “Do you have a copy of any of the notes personally?,” asked Senator James Lankford. “I don’t. I turned them over to Bob Mueller’s investigators,” Comey replied.

Parsing fans of the Russiagate soap opera take note: You are about to have also the Jeff Sessions testimony transcripts to parse through.

——- Sources ——-
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