Trump Signals New “Special Relationship”

Only months after the death of Cecil Rhodes, the transatlantic Pilgrims Society was founded in 1902. “The Pilgrims Society was a British creation that spawned ongoing meetings in London and in New York the following year, with the purpose of fostering a ‘special relationship’ amongst the English-Speaking people, specifically catering to the wealthy titans of industry and intellectual elite in the areas of Politics, Press, Education, Philanthropy, Banking and Business.” [1]

The “Special Relationship” between Britain and the United States has been a key code word invoked by the press thereafter signifying an Anglophile attitude in the corridors of power. And so when President Donald Trump last week chose to emphasize the term “special relationship” during his meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron, it may have been more than an accidental choice of terms.

It seems to be that French president Macron first inserted the term “special relationship” into the current lovefest between himself and President Trump. “We have a very special relationship because both of us are probably the maverick of the systems on both sides,” Macron said. [2] Given that Macron seems to have first introduced the term “special relationship”, it may be that President Trump did not realize its significance and simply agreed to be agreeable.

Or, it may be that President Trump fully understands the significance of “special relationship,” in which case he last week signaled a foreign policy shift of major proportions, away from Britain and towards France.

Macron’s visit to the United States last week was the first state visit of the Trump era, noticed Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, which went on to complain that “an invitation for Mr Trump to make his own state visit to the UK has been gathering dust for 15 months.” The Telegraph even baldly states in its headline that the UK’s special relationship with the US has been replaced by Macron’s ‘relation spéciale’! [3]

The apparent shift in “special relationship” away from Britain and towards France may be having a noticeable effect on the Syrian situation: in 1923, France was assigned a mandate of Syria by the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations. Thereafter the administration of the region under the French was carried out through a number of different governments and territories, including the Syrian Federation (1922–24), the State of Syria (1924–30) and the Syrian Republic (1930–1958), [4] Now, through an altered “special relationship” situation signaled last week, France may be seeking to get “back in the game” in Syria. Whether this would be good or bad is left to you to decide.

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Erasing History

Winston Smith’s position in the Ministry of Truth is that of creating or forging the past into something unrecognizable to any person with an accurate memory (even memory is controlled in 1984) so that each forgery “becomes” historic fact. One moment, Oceania is and always has been at war with one enemy, the next moment it is and has always been at war with another, and the people of Oceania accept the information as true. It is an exaggeration of a phenomenon that Orwell observed in his own time and reported with true clarity in 1984. [1]

There is something Orwellian about the latest Joy Reid story. She is an MSNBC host who is under fire after old posts from her personal blog surfaced in which she expressed homophobic views. Reid says her blog was hacked. Now the FBI is investigating. (See video hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry.) [2]

The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World Wide Web and other information on the Internet created by the Internet Archive, a nonprofit organization, based in San Francisco. [3] This bears on Joy Reid claiming she had been hacked and the homophobic posts were not hers. Did hackers also get into The Wayback Machine and alter its contents? Reid’s lawyers contacted Wayback and claimed that “fraudulent” posts were “inserted into legitimate content” in their archives of Reid’s blog. But Wayback refused to take down the Reid archives, saying “we found nothing to indicate tampering or hacking of the Wayback Machine versions.” [4]

You could view this as an Orwellian attempt to re-write history: Had Joy Reid, a “politically correct” liberal, indeed “sinned” against the orthodoxy with homophobic remarks? The proof was in the Wayback archives but the lawyers said the archives had been hacked and they demanded erasure. Or was it really The Ministry of Truth attempting to re-write history?

The Ministry of Truth has been active on YouTube, quietly scrubbing away certain content questioning what really happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. The fig leafs used to hide the naked censorship are such things as “copyright issues” and “harassment.”

Joy Reid apparently “sinned” against the liberal orthodoxy by making homophobic remarks. Going “way back” to around 1970, however, we find the orthodoxy slightly different: Back then, a radical “feminist” group called the Redstockings were opposed to male homosexuality, which they saw as a deeply misogynist rejection of women. [5] In other words, their view was that homosexuals basically hated women, and thus did not have sex with them. But then along came the political “Rainbow Coalition” which sought to grab voters from various sub-groups, and the “feminist” stance changed.

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Chilling Tales of Broward County (Part 2)

The shivers are sure to go up your spine whenever tales are told about Broward County, Florida. There was the strange incident of the U.S. Secret Service visiting the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School a few weeks before the Valentine’s Day 2018 massacre. And how was CNN so quickly on the scene and ready to go? (Background: Chilling Tales of Broward County (Part 1), Ersjdamoo’s Blog, April 25, 2018.)

What is that piteous howl in the distance? It must have something to do with another chilling tale from Broward County!

It was a dark and stormy night when a FedEx package arrived for Judge Elizabeth Scherer, the Broward County circuit court judge presiding over the massacre case. Asjad Khan thereby reportedly conveyed news to the judge that the accused, Nikolas Cruz, “potentially may be a victim of government technology used for psychological warfare because Cruz told investigators that ‘demon’ sounding voices instructed him to carry out the attack.” A “Voice of God” weapon may have projected a voice into the head of Cruz to make him think that God was talking to him. [1]

Lest you scoff, let be pointed out a report from Britain’s Daily Mail of April 20, 2018, claiming that the US government had accidentally sent a reporter a compressed file detailing research into ‘psycho-electronic’ weaponry. “The US government may have been secretly collecting documents on ‘remote mind control’ and ‘forced memory blanking’, accidentally leaked files suggest.” [2]

Yes, Broward County is a strange place, as anyone who has been following post-Parkland reports on Ersjdamoo’s Blog will know.

And here’s yet another chilling tale, involving again Judge Elizabeth Scherer: it seems that twice now attorneys for Anthony Borges, a survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, have asked the judge to get Broward County prosecutors and defense lawyers thrown off the Nikolas Cruz case. This may be due to previous complicity between the two Broward County offices involving a Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline. And here’s where you may be stunned: Judge Scherer says Anthony Borges has no standing in the case! No standing!? Borges took five bullets during the massacre! If that doesn’t give him standing, what does? [3]

Well the tales of horror from Broward County are spilling over the dams and threatening to flood the vicinity at this point. Read some of my blog posts for the time frame of February 14, 2018 on to today and you will see what I mean. Broward County is a strange place. And one more chilling tale to be included involves the Broward County Sheriff’s Department and how they responded to the February 14th emergency. We all know how the school resource officer took a lot of heat for not entering the building and confronting the shooter or shooters. But newly released documents show the Broward County sheriff’s deputies also “taking cover behind cars and a tree — despite knowing that [ALLEGED] shooter Nikolas Cruz was still inside firing on students.” [4]

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Chilling Tales of Broward County

One of the most chilling aspects of the tales of Broward County is how YouTube keeps censoring dissenting videos. Case in point is the video at top, “Expert Asks Questions about Florida Shooting.” Some of these dissenting videos you might want to download and save before they disappear!

“My name is John Bouchell,” begins the banned video, “and I am not a bot. I was in school administration after spending a stint in the military.” Bouchell worked as a teacher, coach and later became a school administrator.

Bouchell had worked as part of the school security team and was trained by the Department of Homeland Security, several sheriff’s departments, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

But Bouchell never had any training or contact with the U.S. Secret Service during his career. “Yet three weeks prior to the shooting in Florida [at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School], the United States Secret Service was not only at the school, they held the training,” asserts Bouchell in the video now banned by YouTube.

“I have also, despite actually thwarting a school shooting by an armed predator at my school, have never seen, spoke with, or was interviewed or contacted by the FBI or the United States Secret Service.” [1]

Now here comes something not yet verified by Ersjdamoo’s Blog: Bouchell says he heard that the FBI were the first responders to the Broward County massacre of February 14, 2018. He says, “So to hear the FBI were the first responders, only beating CNN by minutes, in a wealthy Florida area saturated with law enforcement, shocked me.” This is because in Bouchell’s experience, the FBI was not immediately involved in such incidents. [1]

There is also the question of how CNN came so quickly to the scene: “Seeing the amazing amount of CNN coverage, so well organized, all espousing one message, and only one message, is equally troubling,” states Bouchell in the banned video. [1]

“How did CNN have so many kids, in place, to echo their exact verbiage and focus on the actual weapon and not the shooter?” [1]

“Why isn’t the alleged Secret Service involvement in a public school being examined?” [1]

“Has the United States Secret Service ever been to any other schools to supervise and provide training for an active shooter situation?” [1]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Expert Asks Questions about Florida Shooting”, uploaded by Black Pilled. YouTube, February 23, 2018. Video now banned by YouTube.


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Crazy YouTube Censorship

Britain’s Guardian newspaper reports that Media Matters posted a video last week critical of Alex Jones, and that the Media Matters videos were quickly censored by YouTube. [1]

But, reports the Guardian, the video was “reinstated Monday after the Guardian’s inquiry and backlash on social media.” [1]

Well hooray for Guardian, except a search this morning on YouTube for the video in question, “What Alex Jones said about the Sandy Hook shooting”, failed to find it!

The controversial Alex Jones, of, faces a weird lawsuit about the Sandy Hook incident of December 2012: Jones had expressed doubts about the tragedy, then some nut cases separate from Jones began harassing the families of the real victims of Sandy Hook. And for these nut cases Jones is responsible?

The crazy YouTube censorship arbitrarily censored my own great video, “Cat Women From the Moon.” My short video included brief excerpts of the 1953 science fiction movie, “Cat-Women Of The Moon.” The entire 1953 film as of this writing is freely available on YouTube. The film is public domain because of the failure of its producer/copyright owner to lodge a copyright renewal registration at the end of the 28th year (December 31, 1981) after it’s “in notice” copyright date (1953). [2]

Yet my short video, “Cat Women From The Moon,” was censored by YouTube for “copyright issues.” And unless I wanted to hire a lawyer, I was essentially left without remedy.

It is true that YouTube is a private company. Yet they are carried by the Internet, and our tax dollars helped pay for the Internet. The US Department of Defense awarded contracts as early as the 1960s, including for the development of the ARPANET project, which laid the foundation for the Internet. [3] So it appears that We the People have got some legal standing regarding the issue of arbitrary YouTube censorship. The situation is akin to that of Public Access Television: When cable television began to be widely introduced in the early 1970s, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated in 1972 that “beginning in 1972, new cable systems [and after 1977, all cable systems] in the 100 largest television markets be required to provide channels for government, for educational purposes, and most importantly, for public access.” [4]

Who owns the airwaves? We the People own them. Before the advent of cable television, shows were broadcast over the public airwaves. From this, TV networks were required to allow airtime to individual citizens. YouTube travels over the Internet which is at least partly owned by the public. Therefore YouTube cannot be allowed to censor videos according to its whims.

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Death Of Mabus A Good Sign?

Ma Bush was dead to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of her burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. [1]

It has been discerned that Ma Bush was Mabus, of the Nostradamus quatrain. (Century 2, Quatrain 62)

Mabus is the third anti-Christ, following Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler, according to some interpretations of Nostradamus. Twenty-seven years the war of Mabus (Ma Bush) will last. (Century 8, Quatrain 77)

Donald Trump was surprisingly elected president in 2016. Subtracting twenty-seven years from 2016 takes us back to 1989, the year George “Poppy” Bush (Bush 41) was elected president.

The power-behind-the-throne beginning in 1989 was Ma Bush (Mabus), privately known as “The Enforcer.” Soon thereafter began the First Gulf War, followed by interminable wars in the Middle East. The end of the twenty-seven years may have been marked by the Tomahawk missile attacks on Syria which happened on Friday the 13th, April 13, 2018. This was as it turns out the dying gasp of Mabus (Ma Bush), who then shape-shifted on April 17th.

Think of Mabus as the spider in a web of evil. She ascends to power in 1989 behind inconsequential front-man Poppy Bush. Next comes Bill and Hillary Clinton, part of the Mabus web, as documented in the book, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, by Terry Reed and John Cummings. After that came another front-man, George W. Bush (Bush 43), puppeteered by Dick Cheney, “Defense” Secretary for Bush 41 and vice-president for Bush 43. Finally in the Nostradamian twenty-seven year Mabus cycle came Barack Obama, himself not directly tied to the Mabus gang (Hillary Clinton had been the Mabus choice for the 2008 election). However by the time of Obama the “swamp” had already come under firm Mabus control, and Hillary Clinton anyway became Secretary of State.

From all this it is theorized that the recent death of Ma Bush (Mabus) may be a good sign and the twenty-seven year cycle may have effectively ended.

——- Sources ——-
[1] Apologies to Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


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“Mabus” Is “Ma Bush”

A Nostradamus quatrain adds possible significance to the recent death of Barbara Bush:

Mabus will soon die.
Then will come horrible undoing of a people and animals.
One will see vengeance, one hundred powers.
Thirst, famine when the comet will pass.

Who is this “Mabus” predicted by Nostradamus? If you add an “h” to the end of “Mabus” you get “Mabush”… Ma Bush!

It is now known that the notorious Bush family privately referred to Barbara Bush as “The Enforcer.” Cunningly hiding behind a facade of “sweet little old lady” was Barbara “Babs” Bush, wife of George H. W. Bush and mother of George W. (Dubya) Bush.

And now she is deader than a doornail. (Background: Barbara Bush Overkill, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, April 18, 2018.)

After the death of Mabus (Ma Bush) comes “horrible undoing of a people and animals.” This “horrible undoing” is reminiscent of what happened to the Aztec empire: Hernan Cortez surrounded what is now Mexico City, and the once mighty Aztecs quickly perished, in a manner especially gruesome: first came smallpox, then came famine.

“Thirst, famine when the comet will pass,” warned Nostradamus. It had been erroneously reported that one David Meade was predicting the rapture was coming on April 23rd of this year. Meade is “a Christian conspiracy theorist,” according to a report from Britain’s Guardian newspaper. “Instead Meade believes that the rapture – when Jesus will appear and save his followers but reject the rest – will occur at some point between May and December of this year.” [1]

British newspaper The Sun had reported, coincident to the demise of Ma Bush, that “conspiracy theorists” had received a mysterious voicemail. The voicemail told “the truth” that “other biological beings have been walking” the earth and chaos is coming to “your planet.” [2]

There is some kind of game called “Fortnite: Battle Royale” and within the game a mysterious meteor has appeared. “What exactly is the meteor gleaming in Fortnite’s sky? That’s the thing — no one knows for sure right now what it is,” reports Shacknews. [3]

“Thirst, famine when the comet will pass.” The death of Mabus (Ma Bush). The Aztecs also had a prophecy just prior to their doom: their priests predicted the defeat of Cortez within eight days even while their city was surrounded. [4]

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