Sudden Catastrophic Collapse of Plea Deal Bridge

A “butterfly effect” occurs when a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system results in large differences in a later state. The details of a tornado, for example, can be influenced by minor perturbations such as the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier. [1]

A bridge had been built between Broward Public Defender Howard Finkelstein and his staff, and the Office of the Broward County State Attorney. The two pillars of the bridge agreed to span their differences and see no evil in Broward County. The bridge was named The Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline. But then, Alex F. Arreaza of The Arreaza Law Firm in Wilton Manors questioned the see-no-evil bridge. “Florida’s Constitution gives victims the right to participate in criminal proceedings.” Arreaza, representing a victim of the Parkland Massacre, questioned the involvement of the two bridge pillars in the trial of Nikolas Cruz, alleged murderer of 17 persons in Broward County. [2]

An attempted bridge between the Broward County Public Defenders and the Broward County State Attorney was under construction. It was to be called The Plea Deal Bridge. But then the prosecution decided to seek the death penalty against Nikolas Cruz, and The Plea Deal Bridge construction collapsed.

Broward County was born on October 1, 1915. It is named after Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, Florida’s governor from 1905 to 1909. It was originally going to be called Everglades County. Broward County was carved out from Dade County. Broward County is considered part of the Miami metropolitan area. [3]

Miami was the setting for the television crime drama series of 1984 to 1989, Miami Vice.

A New Moon is set to arrive today, March 17th, at 8:11 am central time. It is my theory that New Moons typically herald a new phase in developments. We have The Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline revealing structural flaws. We have The Plea Deal Bridge construction collapsing. And then, the wings of these two butterflys may have set into motion a sequence of events which culminated in the collapse of a pedestrian bridge under construction in Miami-Dade. [4]

Beware the Ides of March. That is, in other words, March 15th, the day the pedestrian bridge suddenly collapsed. The comfortable Broward County coziness between the Public Defenders Office and the Broward County State Attorney lies ruined. The obliteration of the tidy sweep-it-under-the-carpet plea deal arrangement means a trial, where the facts of February 14th can be put under the microscope.

Unless. Unless a Jack Ruby, in the guise of a furious Floridian, appears and the trial of Nikolas Cruz becomes a moot issue.

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Shady Deals In Broward County

The accused, Nikolas Cruz, was arraigned on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, while a cadre of Khmer Rouge cadets vented their fury throughout the land. (Background: What’s Up In Broward County?, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, March 15, 2018.)

An arraignment is a formal reading of a document in the presence of the defendant to inform the defendant of the charges against him or her. In response to arraignment, the accused is expected to enter a plea. Acceptable pleas vary among jurisdiction but they generally include “guilty”, “not guilty”, “nolo contendere” (no contest), and the “Alford plea”. [1]

(An “Alford plea” is complicated. The name comes from the United States Supreme Court case of North Carolina v. Alford (1970) [2])

So how did Nikolas Cruz, alleged murderer of 17 persons in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, plea? Here we enter the Lovecraftian realm of Broward County. Cruz “stood mute.” His public defender practically was on her knees begging for a plea deal. Because no simple answer of “guilty”, “not guilty”, “nolo contendere”, etcetera was voiced, Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer entered a “not guilty” plea on Cruz’s behalf. [3]

In the court room, sobbing, sat Zachary Cruz, the younger brother of Nikolas. On social media, Zachary posted the message, “Don’t believe everything you hear or read about me and my brother.” [4]

Seated next to Zachary in the court room was his guardian, Roxanne Deschamps. She also shed tears. [4]

Also present were the grieving families of victims of the Parkland shootings. [4]

“Don’t believe everything you hear or read about me and my brother,” advised Zachary Cruz. Indeed, there is more emotion than fact being presented in various “news” reports. Scarcely mentioned are the videotape surveillance tapes from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. When last we heard, a judge had ruled that surveillance video should be made public that shows events outside (but not inside) of the high school. The judge, on Monday, agreed with news outlets including The Associated Press that the video should be released. The judge stayed his order until noon Thursday to allow for a possible appeal. [5]

And now, at long last! A scrap of video has been released! It shows the hapless school resource officer, who thought the shots were coming from outside the building. Not yet seen is any video of Nikolas Cruz carrying a rifle into the building. And not yet seen (though whispered about) is video footage from inside the high school, which footage exists still, somewhere in the bowels of Broward County.

One of the shady deals in Broward County was between the Broward State Attorney’s Office and the Public Defender’s Office. The deal, known as the “Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline,” was designed as a “see no evil” agreement. Thus there had been “complicity” between offices now alternately prosecuting and defending Nikolas Cruz. For this reason, says an attorney for one of the victims of the Parkland Massacre, neither of the two offices should be involved in the current prosecution and defense of Nikolas Cruz. [6]

On Tuesday, March 13th, the prosecutors said they would seek the death penalty for Cruz. [7] This makes the trial more complicated, and hopes for Plea Deal Heaven by the overworked public defender are fading. An actual trial might mean that we the public would be able to see any real evidence against Nikolas Cruz (if it exists). It also might at last clear up what exactly did happen at the high school on February 14, 2018.

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What’s Up In Broward County?

The Red Fascists used to always say, “America will be conquered from within.” This goes back to the time of Antonio Gramsci, a founding member and one-time leader of the Communist Party of Italy who was imprisoned by Benito Mussolini’s Black Fascist regime. (They are called Black Fascists because members of the paramilitary wing of the National Fascist Party in Italy were commonly called the Blackshirts.) The Red Fascists hated the Black Fascists and vice-versa. Gramsci, the Red Fascist, proposed a “March through the institutions.” The plan was to infiltrate the bureaucracies and the cultural institutions. The bourgeoisie in Gramsci’s view develops a hegemonic culture using ideology rather than violence. The hegemonic culture was to be infiltrated gradually. [1]

And so we have, from yesterday’s local newspaper, the front-page headline, “Students can walkout without fear.” All across Illinois, “higher education” officials made known to Khmer Rouge cadets not to worry about the walkout affecting their later college admission. [2] Also advertising the walkout on page three was an Associated Press report.

The students were not ordered to participate. On the other hand, what would you rather do, sit in class or go outdoors for some excitement?

It’s all about “Enough Is Enough,” Barack Obama’s battle cry after the December 2012 Sandy Hook shootings. Again that cry was heard after the Parkland Valentine’s Day Massacre of February 14, 2018. Organized by “Empower”, the “Youth Wing” of the earlier Vagina Dialogues March of January 21, 2017, the astroturf walkout movement is mistakenly perceived as representative of all young people.

But meanwhile, what’s up in Broward County, site of the original spark which ignited Debbie Wasserman Schultz into action? There, yesterday, March 14th, Nikolas Cruz was arraigned. He “stood mute” but the Office of Plea Deals lawyer carried a white surrender flag, no doubt frightened by all the “Youth Wing” gangs on the prowl. [3]

At this point, I have seen exactly zero substantive evidence against Nikolas Cruz: no eyewitnesses who saw him shooting that day; no surveillance video footage of Cruz entering the building with a rifle. Zero. Zip. Nada.

But Cruz does look kind of creepy. And Broward County did arrest him. So that is all the evidence some people need.

But what is it with Broward County? An attorney for one of the victims of last month’s shooting is now saying the Broward State Attorney’s Office should not be handling the prosecution of Nikolas Cruz! A “Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline” had been entered into by both chief Broward prosecutor Mike Satz and Public Defender Howard Finkelstein. There seems to have been “complicity” between the Broward County prosecutor and Finkelstein’s Office of Plea Deals! [4]

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Isolation Of Nikolas Cruz

After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, a group of suspects was captured and imprisoned aboard ironclad ships. Among the imprisoned suspects were Mary Surratt, Dr. Samuel Mudd, and David E. Herold. Then, on April 23rd, their jailers received strange instructions.

Secretary of War Edwin Stanton ordered that the prisoners, “for better security against conversation, shall have a canvas bag put over the head of each and tied about the neck, with a hole for proper breathing and eating, but not seeing…” [1]

“The bags were padded with one inch thick cotton. A ball of extra cotton padding covered the prisoners’ eyes to cause painful pressure on the closed eye lids. Sight and sound were cut off, a mental torture that never ceased for the devices were to be worn 24 hours a day.” [1]

The prisoners were being isolated, in part to prevent conversation.

Nikolas Cruz, accused murderer of 17 persons at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018, was being held in a solitary cell at the Broward County Jail. The cell was in the infirmary section of the jail. On February 23rd, Cruz left the infirmary for another floor where he is kept away from other inmates. [2]

Cruz is not as severely isolated as were Mrs. Surratt, Dr. Mudd, and David Herold. There is no 24-hour hooded blindfold. He has even had some scant visitors: “Jail records show Cruz met with his brother twice last month, as well as with a family friend.” [2] Yet there is still, as in the case of the Lincoln suspects, a tight control on information which might originate from the accused. (Background: Finkelstein Is the Gatekeeper, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, March 12, 2018.)

David E. Herold, suspect in the Lincoln assassination plot, may have been “feeble minded.” [3] At his trial, Herold’s defense argued, in part, that David Herold “had always been a weak, simple-minded youth without much force of character – light and trifling.” One of the witnesses said Herold “was like a boy only eleven years of age.” [4]

In 2014, state investigators reported Nikolas Cruz had depression, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. [5]

David Herold: “feeble minded.” Nikolas Cruz: autistic. This bears on how well Cruz understands what is now happening to him.

Late breaking is that a judge has ruled that surveillance video should be made public that shows events outside of the high school. [6] Two things: (1) if actually released, the video shows events outside the high school; video also exists of events inside the high school; (2) if actually released, media focus of the outdoor video will likely be on actions of the school resource officer and not on footage ostensibly showing the arrival of Nikolas Cruz via an Uber vehicle, and of Cruz carrying a rifle or what looks like a rifle in a case.

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Office Of Plea Deals

The accused shall have a vigorous defense under our system of justice. Defense counsel may accurately be considered law enforcers. While representing a lone individual against all the power of the state, counsel must “police the police” to determine if there has been an unconstitutional search, a coerced confession, an unlawfully suggestive lineup, or the fabrication of testimony. [1]

But pity the poor Broward County Office of Public Defender. Online reviews by former employees almost all complain about the large caseload. “Management does not support its employees and the pay is terrible. They do not seem to remember what it’s like to have a caseload in a trial division,” writes one reviewer. “[T]here is a heavy caseload,” complains another. “Salary is dismal. Way too many cases to truly be effective,” reveals yet another. [2]

And then, already groaning under the weight of a huge caseload, around February 14, 2018 the Broward County Office of Public Defender had an enormous case dumped on their lap: that of Nikolas Cruz, accused murderer of 17 persons at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. “It’s too much!” may well have cried the public defenders to themselves.

And so we find, within only three days, chief public defender Howard Finkelstein had let it be known that Cruz “will plead guilty if prosecutors take the death penalty off the table.” [3] This may be why, generally speaking, the Office of Public Defender is often perceived as the Office of Plea Deals. Their imaginary motto: “If you can’t afford a real attorney, the Office of Plea Deals is here to assist you.”

Nikolas Cruz is reported to have an $800,000 trust fund, established for him by his dead adoptive parents. Cruz, 19-years-old, is apparently to receive the money when he turns 22. But a judge will determine whether he can access the money now. [4]

If Cruz is allowed to access some or all of the trust fund money, he could hire his own attorney, one not already overburdened by an enormous caseload and therefore less inclined to ease her or his labors by running towards a plea deal. This would mean a trial, where we the public could finally hear what the evidence against Cruz might be. Are there eyewitnesses who will testify they specifically saw Nikolas Cruz doing the shooting? What about the surveillance tapes? What might they show us? And what about the “confession”? Was it coerced? Was Cruz, reportedly autistic, under “diminished capacity” when he allegedly confessed? The Broward County Office of Public Defender is the gatekeeper for what evidence the public will be allowed to see.

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Finkelstein Is the Gatekeeper

I am unable to find the name of the lady public defender who appeared in behalf of Nikolas Cruz at his bond hearing on or about February 15, 2018. I seem to recall that she is British. Hopefully you can see her with Cruz in the above video clip. I would be grateful if anyone can tell me her name.

The unknown lady public defender apparently serves in the capacity of Assistant Public Defender for Cruz and works for Broward County Public Defender Howard Finkelstein, whose office is representing Cruz. [1]

Generally speaking, “Public Defender” spells “plea deal” instead of “vigorous defense.” As early as February 17th, a mere three days after the Parkland Massacre of February 14, 2018, chief public defender Howard Finkelstein had let it be known that Cruz “will plead guilty if prosecutors take the death penalty off the table.” [2]

Where is the evidence? Unless there is a trial instead of a plea deal we the public may never see the evidence which supposedly proves Nikolas Cruz was the murderer. It all hinges on the gatekeeper: the Office of the Broward County public defender. And Howard Finkelstein has already thrown in the towel! He is already signaling “plea deal”!

Where is the evidence? Surveillance video footage from Stoneman Douglas High School was removed from the custody of the School Board, according to a petition filed this past week by three media outlets. The Broward State Attorney’s Office has filed a motion to block public records requests for #Parkland shooting video claiming it would be “detrimental to the fair presentation of evidence” to a jury and “potentially” Nikolas Cruz’s due process rights. [3]

Where is the evidence? Eyewitnesses were interviewed by various media soon after the Valentine’s Day shootings. I have yet to find a single video of these eyewitnesses in which they say they saw Nikolas Cruz doing the shootings.

I suspect that early-warning phone calls made about Nikolas Cruz to the FBI and other responsible officials were meant to pre-position Cruz as “obviously guilty” for the later February 14th event. Before the shootings, nothing was done. Yet within two hours after the shootings of February 14th, Nikolas Cruz had been quickly apprehended and it was “case closed.”

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Secrets Of The Children’s Crusade

In 1212 A.D. a 12-year-old boy named Stephen announced, “I have encountered the Lord! He has given me a letter!” The letter purportedly authorized young Master Stephen to preach Crusade. (Background: Children’s Crusade Against Guns, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, March 10, 2018.)

But where did earthly approval for the Children’s Crusade originate? In 1425 A.D., a 13-year-old Joan of Arc saw visions of figures she identified as Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret, who told her to drive out the English from France. The Dauphin, the son of King Charles VI, ordered background inquiries and a theological examination to verify her morality. There were fears that Joan might be a sorceress or a heretic. [1] The point is that someone must have examined and approved the claim of young Master Stephen.

When members of the Children’s Crusade reached Italy, the Pope honored them by granting a personal audience. [2]

Theorized is that the Roman Catholic Church at least gave tacit approval for the Children’s Crusade. It would have served the overall purpose of re-igniting fervor for Crusades into Palestine: Morale was at a low ebb after the capture of Jerusalem by the Saracens; the Church could chide the adults by saying, “Look at you! You do nothing while the Holy City is under the yoke of the infidel! Your own children put you to shame!”

The Children’s Crusade Against Guns was born almost immediately after the February 14, 2018 Parkland Valentine’s Day Massacre. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her aides touched base with Stoneman Douglas High School junior and NeverAgain leader-in-training Jaclyn Corin on February 15 – one day after the shooting. Thereafter, preliminary arrangements were made to bus a hundred Stoneman Douglas students and fifteen chaperones to Tallahassee to address the Florida state legislature. [3]

Even earlier, Apostle of the movement, young Master Hogg, had ridden his bicycle to the school at 6 pm on February 14th, put himself in front of media cameras, and pleaded for an end to the mass shootings. Hogg appeared on CNN the next morning and demanded that something must be done. [4]

Meanwhile, even as the latest Children’s Crusade was being born, other events were unfolding. Surveillance video footage from Stoneman Douglas High School was removed from the custody of the School Board, according to a petition filed this past week by three media outlets. CNN, Herald Media, and Sun Sentinel are claiming this is in violation of Florida’s Public Records Act. The petition is filed against the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Scott Israel, and others. But the Broward State Attorney’s Office has filed a motion to block public records requests for #Parkland shooting video claiming it would be “detrimental to the fair presentation of evidence” to a jury and “potentially” Nikolas Cruz’s due process rights. [5] [6]

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