Magnetism of the Chamber

It must have been pre-planned, how the State Of The Union (SOTU) Address was re-scheduled for February 5th. This would have been disguised as a tiff between Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump. Pelosi disinvited Trump to “the Chamber” supposedly because she was angry, but really the two are good pals who enjoy bowling together in the White House basement.

Pelosi and Trump must have both realized that the Od Force levels would be optimally low around the time of the New Moon and the Lunar New Year, and so the SOTU got re-scheduled. (Recall from yesterday’s blog entry how Baron von Reichenbach had discovered that the Od Force reached maximum expression at Full Moon.)

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez undoubtedly is fully aware of the potential for “ground batteries.” She wants the U.S. to “go green” with alternative energy. What Ocasio-Cortez dare not mention at this point, because of powerful entities who would oppose it, is the use of earth batteries. It is a FACT that numerous U.S. patents support the claim that earth batteries – batteries placed in the ground at key locations which can provide usable industrial-strength electrical power – are viable. [1]

The key locations for the earth batteries are akin to the worldwide energy grid of Commander Bruce Cathie. These earth batteries cannot be placed just anywhere, but at certain locations, sensitive ground spots having uncommonly great electrical activity. Furthermore, the burial of an earth energy cell (battery) requires a little time to build up charge. Yet when this is accomplished, the energetic output is sometimes phenomenal. [1]

No doubt Ocasio-Cortez would know how the Knights Templar had discovered what they called “sacred sites”, interconnected “woivres” which meander across the land. [1] These could be ideal spots where to bury the earth batteries.

Not so long ago, Nikola Tesla declared that “rays from space” were bombarding Earth. Huge electrical energy was being released by the Sun. Tesla experimentally verified that Earth was storing electrical charge from the Sun. [1]

But secret forces do not want you to know this. If we could just place earth batteries in our back yards, then who would need the power companies?

Behind-the-scenes, Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi will be fighting hard – together – to bring earth batteries to The People! For that reason they caused it to happen that The Chamber (House of Representatives) was sealed up like a Leyden jar at the crucial time of February 5th, coincident to the New Moon and the Lunar New Year, so as to keep all possible Od Forces from entering and magnetizing The Chamber.

(The above, in a way, has been a satire; then again, in a way, it is not a satire.)

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Ultima Thule and the Od Force

  Around 300 B.C. Pytheas of Massalia voyaged out into the Atlantic Ocean. From Scotland, Pytheas went further north. He saw the Midnight Sun, the Arctic, and polar ice. He reached Ultima Thule.

“The question of the location of Pytheas’ Thule remains.” Possibilities were suggested repeatedly by generations of writers: Iceland, Shetland, the Faroe Islands, Norway and later Greenland. [1]

Ultima Thule Was Greenland

Ancient Greenland was much warmer than previously thought, reported Science Daily on June 4, 2018. A mix of fly species preserved from the last two interglacial periods in a rare lake sediment core shows Greenland was once not the ice-covered wasteland it later became. [2]

Long ago, the white people had inhabited the Hyperborean land, until “climate change” (Earth Changes) chilled their homeland (Greenland). [3] Was it “carbon emissions” which caused the change? Or was kinetic energy released by a meteor, asteroid, or comet impact the cause? A tiny item in the February 2019 issue of Scientific American magazine tells us that in Ultima Thule (Greenland) a 19-mile-wide crater has been spotted. This is suspected to be evidence of a meteorite (or comet or asteroid) impact having occurred at some time in the past. [4]

The way in which the impact or near-impact of a comet caused Noah’s Flood and “climate change” is explained in my book, The Learned Hercules.

Geomagnetic Energy and Climate Change

Electro-biology signifies vital electricity, or the electric theory of life; electro-psychology signifies the electric theory of thought or of mind. We are entitled to deduce the probability of electric currents in the body. But we are not entitled on that account to say that the vital phenomena are electrical. [5]

The magnet, in addition to Ferro-mesmerism, produces a force capable of producing mesmeric sleep. Remember though that life itself is not attributed to Ferro-mesmerism. Mesmerism is synonymous with the odyle (OD Force) of Baron Karl von Reichenbach. [5]

The mesmeric state occurs spontaneously in sleep-walkers. [5] Reichenbach discovered that sleep-walking (somnambulism) “always followed the appearance of specific lunar phases, reaching maximum expression at full moon.” Radiations from the Moon caused allergenic reactions. The sleep-walkers (the “sensitives”) sought the moonlight, for it gave them some needed force. The moonlight itself did not convey the force. It was not light but some other special energy which was being carried by the light of the Moon. Reichenbach called it the Od (OD) Force. (Pronounced ode, as in lodestone.) And a strange thing about it, relating possibly to electro-magnetism, is that woolen cloth, especially heavily woven layers, blocked the mysterious currents. [6]

Understand that the sexes are oppositely electrified, that the masculine electricity has a negative charge and the feminine electricity has a positive charge. [7] Understand that electrical disturbances cause a canopy of cold in the upper atmosphere to descend. Understand that Earth’s heat comes from deep inside the core. (The intense core heat sometimes bursts forth from volcanoes. It is colder in the mountains because you are further away from the core heat, even though you are closer to the Sun.) Understand that influences producing the weather are primarily telluric and not exclusively solar. [8]

Understand most of all that the geomagnetism is changing. Electricity in the upper atmosphere is affected. A canopy of cold descends and does not mix with the warmer air. That warmer air is displaced, pushed aside to places like Greenland. The Greenland ice sheet melts, and coastal areas elsewhere are flooded. But hey (as irritating people are wont to say), is the glass half-empty or half-full? Displaced persons can move to the now-inviting climate of Greenland.

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Magnetism Good, For Now

Around 300 B.C., Pytheas of Massilia voyaged by sea, out beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Strait of Gibralter) and into the Atlantic Ocean. Pytheas sailed north, so far as Scotland. And then he sailed even further north, to Ultima Thule. [1]

To guide his way across the vast Atlantic, Pytheas must have had the “arrow and golden cup.” Before even Pytheas, the learned Hercules had used the arrow and golden cup (magnetic compass) to sail past the Pillars of Hercules.

We are like those sea captains of old. The “news” offers us many signs, most of them inconsequential. But the wise sea captain, studying the charts, somehow can wade past the inconsequential signs and see only the true signs. She or he will take heed that the north magnetic pole has been drifting faster since the year 2000. [2]

The wise sea captain will have noticed the interplay of magnetisms between Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump during the SOTU address of February 5, 2019. He or she will have been well aware that the sexes are oppositely electrified, that the masculine electricity has a negative charge and the feminine electricity has a positive charge. [3] The opposite charges mutually attract, hence the magnetism between Pelosi and Trump is good, the wise sea captain will realize. (The magnetism is even better than it was in days of yore, between House Speaker Tip O’Neill and President Ronald Reagan.)

Looking off the port bow, it seems to be clear sailing ahead. But avast! Hark ye, captain! The lunar magnetisms are building even now, as the New Moon of the Lunar New Year coincident to the SOTU address recedes. From the crow’s nest the sailor advises the captain he espies a Full Moon ahead on February 19th. Consulting his sea charts, the captain realizes an iceberg ahead, labeled on the map as Shutdown II. Using his compass and ruler, the captain plainly sees this Shutdown II iceberg is February 15th and in the vicinity of the upcoming Full Moon! “Hubub ahead!” cries the captain. “Batten down the hatches!”

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Magnetism of the SOTU Address

There is a remarkable similarity between Charles-Augustin Coulomb’s electric force equation and Isaac Newton’s gravity equation. I cannot adequately render the two equations in this venue. See my book, The Learned Hercules, for comparison of the equations.

The subject of the so-called “gravity” has been covered earlier in Ersjdamoo’s Blog. See, for example, The Psyence of Gravity.

We live in an electro-magnetic universe. Magnetism was on display last night during the State Of The Union (SOTU) address: the subtle magnetism of Nancy Pelosi; the bolder magnetism of Donald Trump.

President Trump revealed he is hep to the lunar magnetism in a recent tweet.

Melania and I send our greetings to those celebrating the Lunar New Year. Today, people across the United States and around the world mark the beginning of the Lunar New Year… (President Donald Trump, February 5, 2019)

Trump met the depressed on February 3, 2019, the day before a New Moon. He delivered his annual SOTU address on February 5th, the day after the New Moon.

(Note: I am not advocating lunar worship, just pointing to lunar influence.)

The magnetic north pole (MNP) is on the move, reported the Associated Press on or about the time of this latest New Moon. The MNP has been drifting faster since the year 2000. Up until then it had been drifting at about 9 miles-per-hour. Since the year 2000 the north magnetic pole has accelerated its drift to 34 miles-per-hour. [1]

Electro-magnetic forces are evident, since a “hot liquid ocean” of iron and nickel in Earth’s core generates an electric field. [1]

The lunar cycle lasts 28 days. Within the 28 stages of the lunar phase, wrote Agrippa of Nettesheim, are many ancient secrets. Each of the 28 stages affects all things. [2]

The magnetism is good at this point… but that can change! Shutdown II looms on February 15th, a Friday. This leads into a Full Moon on February 19th. Magnetic forces are likely to cause hubub to increase around that time, I foresee.

——- Sources ——-
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Trump Calls Dubya Stupid

  “Being in Iraq was a mistake,” said President Donald Trump to interviewer Margaret Brennan on Deface the Nation (Face the Nation). That interview was broadcast February 3, 2019, roughly coincident to the New Moon of February 4th.

Call it the New Moon when Trump met the depressed (the press). “Being in Iraq, it was a big mistake to go,” emphasized the President, “one of the greatest mistakes going into the Middle East that our country has ever made. One of the greatest mistakes that we’ve ever made…” [1]

In other words, going into Iraq in 2003 was stupid. President at the time was George W. Bush, nicknamed “Dubya.” Ipso facto, Trump calls Dubya stupid.

Hey, Dubya. He’s dissing you, man.

Back when Dubya led us into Iraq, there were protests against it by the Noam Chomsky left. They are closer to the real left than the fake left, the Frankfurt School Socialists who have harmed the real left even more than the Republicans. (Frankfurt School is, in other words, the Political Correctness gang.)

So Donald Trump is beginning to sound more like a true leftist than even the fake leftists ensconced in academia, the Democrat Party, and the “news” outfits. They don’t like Trump trying to wind down our wars in Syria and Afghanistan, and you can see it in their reporting which seeks to undermine any withdrawal.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Transcript: President Trump on ‘Face the Nation,’ February 3, 2019”, CBS News, February 3, 2019.


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Trump Meets the Depressed

“Meet the Press” is sometimes called “Meet the Depressed.” “Face the Nation” is sometimes called “Deface the Nation.” Usually these are dreary Sunday morning “news” broadcasts. However yesterday, February 3, 2019, President Donald Trump met the depressed.

Trump has an uncanny ability to liven things up, and even when he met yesterday with the chronically depressed it was no exception. He was interviewed by Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation. The “news” is all focusing on the President’s aversion to having his son Barron playing football. But Trump said other notable things.

Any true leftist will be pleased that President Trump wants to get us out of Afghanistan. “I want to bring people home,” he said.

“We’ve got to get out of these endless wars and bring our folks back home,” he emphasized.

But interviewer Brennan, supposedly of the leftist mainstream “news”, amazingly seemed like a war hawk. “Isn’t that [peace] harder when you don’t have troops on the ground?” she challenged.

To this, the President responded, “Well, everything’s harder. But, you know you pay a big price for troops on the ground. We’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars on military.”

Sounding almost like a radical leftist from the 1960s, President Trump added:

We’ve been fighting for 19 years. Somebody said you were precipitously bringing to- precipitously? We’ve been there for 19 years. I want to fight. I want to win, and we want to bring our great troops back home. I’ve seen the people. I go to Walter Reed Hospital. I see what happens to people. I see with no legs and no arm- arms. And I’ve seen also what happens to them up here because they’re in this situation, and they come back and they are totally different people– where the wives and the fathers and the mothers say, “What has happened to my son? What has happened in some cases to my daughter?” It’s a terrible thing. We’ve been there close to 19 years. And it’s time. And we’ll see what happens with the Taliban. They want peace. They’re tired. Everybody’s tired. We’d like to have- I don’t like endless wars. This war.

(Source: “Transcript: President Trump on ‘Face the Nation,’ February 3, 2019”, CBS News, February 3, 2019.


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Hollywoodland and Other Mysteries

Some of the great private detective movies are Chinatown and The Maltese Falcon. In that ballpark of great private investigator (PI) films would have to be the 2006 movie, Hollywoodland.

George Reeves played the role of Superman in the 1950s TV series. Reeves died of a gunshot wound to the head in the upstairs bedroom of his home between 1:30 and 2:00 a.m. on June 16, 1959, according to the Los Angeles Police Department report. [1] It was ruled a suicide, but was it? Hollywoodland explores three possible scenarios.

Maybe Reeves really did kill himself. But maybe “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and it was Toni Mannix, wife of MGM studio executive Eddie Mannix, who caused murder to happen. [2]

Or was it aspiring actress Leonore Lemmon who killed Reeves inadvertently, during a struggle for possession of Reeve’s pistol? [2]

Hollywoodland offers three scenarios and leaves it to you to decide. The movie is basically accurate, except for minor things like it was not the second season but the third that The Adventures of Superman began filming in color. [2]

Another of the unsolved mysteries is the O.J. Simpson case. Did OJ really kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman? OJ was found not guilty, yet some believe he did it. But there are odd things about the case, including for example Judge Lance Ito’s wife, Margaret York, who was an L.A. Police Captain in charge of investigating police corruption, and Judge Ito “reportedly has Heidi Fleiss’s secret records that could be used to blackmail top officials, celebrities, and such.” [3]

A good book for better understanding the intricacies of “The Trial of the Century” is Killing Time, by Donald Freed.

Someday soon they might make another Hollywoodland dealing with puzzles about the O.J. Simpson case. The PI in the original film, Louis Simo (played by Adrien Brody) could be brought forward into the 1990s and again leave us to decide for ourselves. The movie might be called, Hollywoodland II.

Another great PI film could be called DC-Land. Again it is the 1990s but in Washington, DC. Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr. has been found dead in Fort Marcy Park. The “meter maids” (Park Police) quickly claim it was a suicide, but others are not so sure.

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