Ocasio-Cortez: Secret Dadaist

It is suspected that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is under the influence of Dadaism. That might sound ominous to any Tutweillers amongst you, but Dadaism is just an artistic movement which came out of World War I. Its purpose was to ridicule the meaninglessness of the modern world. [1]

Consider such gems from Ocasio-Cortez as Green New Deal, immigration crisis caused by climate change, and the Republican plot against FDR (after FDR was already dead). Is this any other than surrealist Dadaism?

Suppose a rogue group of Saturday Night Live (SNL) writers who are disgruntled about their show’s blatant political tilt. They organize secretly behind Ocasio-Cortez and write ridiculous scripts for her. She delivers her lines and, as with the best art, the audience is stunned. The secret producers smile among themselves and say, “It is Dada.”

Think about it. Until Ocasio-Cortez performed Green New Deal people weren’t sure what the climate change fuss was about. But Green New Deal opened our eyes. Now we can see what the global warming consensus is really about. And for this we have none other to thank than AOC, the New York congresswoman.

New York is also where the SNL show originates.

It all fits as a likely explanation. Have you a better idea? Think about how Ocasio-Cortez has in fact tremendously helped conservatism. You might write her a thank-you note or even donate to her re-election campaign.

Elsewhere, Julian Assange has been reportedly arrested in London. THAT opens up a great big can of worms, leading all over the place. It might even lead to Attorney General William Barr and his investigation of the investigation, i.e., the Russiagate hoax. Things are hopping, as is usual for the close of the weekly “news” cycle. Making any sense of it all takes time.

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Frightful Weather Comes From Cthulhu

If a blizzard prediction holds up, this will be Fort Collins’ second blizzard in a month! An historic “bomb cyclone” blizzard had hit Northern Colorado on March 13, 2019. From noon Wednesday (April 10) to noon Thursday (April 11) a blizzard warning has been issued. [1]

And at this time, it is reported a real-life version of one of the most feared monsters in horror fiction, Cthulhu, has been found by an international team of researchers. They have named the fossil Sollasina cthulhu, after the tentacled Great Old One of H.P. Lovecraft’s weird tales. [2]

Meanwhile, in a small cosmopolitan city in Illinois, young Master Tutweiller was worried. Taking pen in hand, the 10-year-old little darling urged the local newspaper audience to address the global warming. [3]

Well, gee whiz, how can your heart not bleed for young Tutweiller and his worries?

Sharing the sentiments of young Tutweiller was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She has now claimed climate change is a “major factor” of the global migrant crisis. “Have you ever noticed what‘s causing people to flee their homes?” theorized the idealistic New Yorker. “The major factor fueling global migration is climate change!” [4]

This is all clearly quite upsetting and doggonit why aren’t YOU doing something about it!?

It has been a month now since Canada’s National Post began “revamping” their series Climate Change: The Deniers. (That means you can’t read any of the 14 articles.) Good news for concerned citizens is the articles were published as a book, The Deniers. Lawrence Solomon, a Canadian environmentalist and writer, had the book published in 2008. Reportedly, the book draws attention to a number of scientists and others who, according to Solomon, have advanced arguments against what he calls the “alarmist” view of global warming. [5]

Also not onboard the Tutweiller train is Gregory Wrightstone, whose book, Inconvenient Facts, reportedly contains 60 “inconvenient facts” from government sources and peer-reviewed literature which are likely to challenge the Tutweillers amongst you. The planet is improving, not in spite of increasing CO2 and rising temperature, but because of it. [6]

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Princess Diana in “The Village”

“I am Number Two. You are Number Six.” This is what Patrick McGoohan was always told when he asked, “Who is Number One?” The Prisoner was a 1967-1968 British television series in which a former British agent is held captive in a small seaside village by an unidentified power. McGoohan, the prisoner, was called “Number Six.” The Village’s chief administrator, “Number Two”, dealt with the indomitable resistance of Number Six.

The TV series, The Prisoner, was based on a true event, revealed David Southwell in his remarkable book, “Secrets & Lies.” George Markstein reportedly once told actor Patrick McGoohan about a “Mad Major” who, during WWII, knew too much to be eliminated. And so, allegedly, the Mad Major (The Prisoner) was placed in a Scottish castle then transferred after the end of WWII to, in other words, “The Village,” for “prolonged secure retirement.”

Princess Diana is the “Mad Major”. She is being kept indefinitely in The Village.

VOICE: I am Number Two.

DIANA: Who is Number One?

VOICE: You are Number Six.

DIANA: I am not a number! I am Princess Diana!

VOICE: Ha ha ha ha ha…

Why the elaborate ruse of the Pont de l’Alma Tunnel and the “automobile accident”? Usually, if the British Deep State wants to kill someone they just give them Novichok nerve agent and blame the Russians. But this was not to be a killing but a dramatic appearance of death. Heretofore no one has disputed that Diana is dead. The only disagreement is whether she was murdered or it was an accident. That was the whole point: Tweedledum and Tweedledee argue back and forth about the death, thereby reinforcing the conviction the princess is really dead.

Who would know Princess Diana is alive and being held in The Village? Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip her husband would know. Nitwit Charles would not, simply because he might blab it out. The two sons, William and Harry, would not be informed because their affection for their mother might overrule matters of State.

Prince Philip adopted the surname Mountbatten (Battenberg in German) from his maternal grandparents. He married Elizabeth on November 20, 1947. [1] The Mountbatten family is a European dynasty originating as a cadet branch of the German princely Battenberg family. Family members residing in Britain during World War I started calling themselves Mountbatten. [2] German sympathies were thereby disguised under “Mountbatten”, the Anglicized Battenberg. A Fourth Reich disguised as a “European Union” is subtly favored by the Mountbatten/Battenberg clan. Hence, even though the British people voted to leave the Fourth Reich, it suddenly became “so complicated.”

A “wild rumour that has dogged the Royal Family for generations”, is that one James Hewitt is Prince Harry’s true father. “Daily Star Online has discovered many still refuse to be convinced that Hewitt is not the dad.” [3]

If James Hewitt is Prince Harry’s father, then Prince Harry is not a Battenberg.

Russian holy man Grigori Rasputin predicted that Queen Elizabeth II would be “the last sovereign of England, but one.” When a Battenberg becomes king of England, all is at the end. [4] But Prince Harry – not Prince Charles; not Prince William – as the next British monarch would render the Rasputin prediction moot: Harry, not a Battenberg, becomes king and all is well.

Then, King Harry, having the “oomph” in his nature so lacking in most royals, would dare to ferret out the truth about his mother still alive and being The Prisoner in The Village.

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Fancy Prince in the Hotseat

A 2019 survey showed that almost half of the British public want Prince Charles to stand aside and let his eldest son William become the next King. [1]

But Ersjdamoo says, skip William and install Prince Harry. The situation in Britain is critical. At times such as these the Brits need a real wild man, Prince Harry, on the throne.

At times such as these… The British people voted to leave the Fourth Reich (“European Union”) but somehow it is “so complicated.” The talk in Britain is, What kind of “democracy” is this? We voted to leave!

People of Britain! Your own Shakespeare (really Francis Bacon assisted by Freemasons) has written:

It must not be; there is no power in Venice
Can alter a decree established:
‘Twill be recorded for a precedent;
And many an error, by the same example,
Will rush into the state: it cannot be.
— (The Merchant of Venice, Act IV, Scene 1)

It cannot be, that the people having voted for Brexit are ignored. Many an error will rush into the state.

And at this crucial time a nitwit, Prince Charles, is crowned king?

Remember Rasputin’s prediction for Britain: Queen Elizabeth II is “the last sovereign of England, but one.” When a Battenberg becomes king of England, all is at the end. [2]

The only hope is that Prince William and Prince Harry bear the blood of the murdered Princess Diana. She was of the noble House of Stuart, which traces its bloodline back to the Merovingian kings and possibly back to the royal bloodline of Jesus. Only the Stuart bloodline (which Prince Charles does not have) can possibly mitigate the Battenberg bloodline and foil Rasputin’s prediction.

The fancy Prince Charles is in the hotseat. “The Madness of Prince Charles”, a 2015 YouTube documentary, has a professor predicting the end of the monarchy when Queen Elizabeth II dies. [1] But nay! Once more unto the breach, dear Britons! Defy and outsmart the gloomy predictions by bringing in the occult power of the Stuart bloodline!

And consider this: Some say Prince Harry’s real father is/was James Hewitt, an army officer. Prince Harry is “the spitting image” of Hewitt. If Hewitt is the actual father, then Prince Harry is not a Battenberg (Mountbatten), and the Rasputin prophecy (when a Battenberg becomes king of England, all is at the end) would be utterly defeated. With Prince William there is a gamble: Will the Stuart blood outweigh the Battenberg (Mountbatten) blood? With Prince Harry, all bets are covered.

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Cheap Trashy Showbiz Report (Part 2)

The Cheap Trashy Show Biz Report was a daily feature on disc jockey Larry Lujack’s radio show in the 1970s. He also had two other daily features: Animal Stories and Klunk Letter of the Day. Today’s pale imitation of the great Lujack is a cheap trashy show biz report about the bitter Woody Allen/Mia Farrow split-up and subsequent censorship of Woody Allen.

Replying to Woody Allen suit, Amazon acknowledges McCarthyite character of #MeToo campaign, headlined the World Socialist Web Site on April 6, 2019. Allen had dared to comment about the “Feminist” #MeToo onslaught: “You don’t want it to lead to a witch-hunt atmosphere, a Salem atmosphere, where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer to defend himself.” [1]

This above statement by Woody Allen was reportedly used by Amazon as justification for terminating a contract with Allen. [1]

In Ersjdamoo’s part 1 of Cheap Trashy Showbiz Report, it was reported how the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department, in connection with a Malaysian entity called 1MDB and alleged embezzlement. “Bono” (whom I call Bono B. Bono) is tangentially connected to both the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and to the Clinton Foundation.

Recent cheap trashy showbiz emerged in the Jussie Smollett incident, where a “hate crime” turned out to be fabricated yet Kim Foxx, State’s Attorney for Cook County, Illinois, declined to prosecute. Compare that with the case of mere mortal (not big star) Brian Michael Rini, who falsely claimed to be Timmothy James Pitzen: Rini has been charged with making a false statement to the FBI.

#MeToo has remained for the most part an affair of the outraged, affluent petty bourgeois, incited and manipulated by the New York Times and Washington Post, asserts the World Socialist Web Site. A lynch-mob atmosphere has been created. [1]

Here’s where it gets sticky: the sordid cheap trashiness surrounding the Allen/Farrow split-up. In 1977, Mia Farrow had adopted Soon-Yi Previn, who had been abandoned in the slums of Seoul, South Korea. Soon-Yi was about 7-years-old at the time. In 1992, Allen was romantically involved with Soon-Yi, who would have been at least 20-years-old by then. Allen claimed in 1992, “I am not Soon-Yi’s father or stepfather. I’ve never even lived with Mia. I’ve never in my entire life slept at Mia’s apartment.” Yet sleazy allegations were being made. The whole mess is too sickening to consider here. Suffice it to say that allegations in divorce cases are often questionable. Allegations from the 1992 Farrow/Allen split “gained new life with the rise of the Me Too movement. In 2019 Amazon canceled the release of Allen’s film A Rainy Day in New York, which was filmed in 2017. Allen is suing Amazon for breach of contract for $68 million.” [2]

——- Sources ——-
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Here Comes The Judge

Congressman Jerry Nadler wants to see everything Special Persecutor Robert Mueller has. However back in 1998, Nadler sought to protect grand jury material related to the Starr Report.

This contradiction first came to the ears of Ersjdamoo on April 5, 2019, via Judge Robert J. Steigmann, a guest on local radio talk show, A Penny For Your Thoughts.

Judge Steigmann appears frequently as a guest on the program, hosted by Brian Barnhart (WDWS 1400 AM). His knowledge of the law makes him a fine guest on the show. But I wish they would open Steigmann’s appearances with Sammy Davis, Jr. doing “Here Comes the Judge.”

Ken Starr was initially appointed to investigate the “suicide” of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster and the Whitewater real estate investments of Bill Clinton. The inquiry was expanded into numerous areas including suspected perjury about Bill Clinton’s sexual activity with Monica Lewinsky. After several years of investigation, Starr filed the Starr Report, released on September 11, 1998. [1][2]

Checking into what Judge Steigmann had said, that Congressman Jerry Nadler had sought to stop public release of Ken Starr’s material back then, such is found to have been the case: vintage video has surfaced from the Clinton days showing Nadler urging caution regarding the release of details from then-Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s report. [3]

How to explain Nadler’s complete about-face? Judge Steigmann sighed and said, “It’s just politics.” [4]

Yesterday’s blog entry recalled Italy’s L’Aquila earthquake of April 6, 2009, prior to which Italian researcher Giampaolo Giuliani had issued dire, unheeded warnings. In a subsequent inquiry of the handling of the disaster, seven members of the Italian National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks were accused of giving “inexact, incomplete and contradictory” information about the danger of the tremors prior to the main quake. On October 22, 2012, six scientists and one ex-government official were convicted of multiple manslaughter for downplaying the likelihood of a major earthquake six days before it took place. [5] Six days before the deadly quake, Giampaolo Giuliani had been almost screaming at people to evacuate. [6] But Giuliani was accused back then of being alarmist by the Director of the Civil Defence, Guido Bertolaso, and forced to remove his findings from the Internet. Giuliani was also reported to police a week before the main quake for “causing fear” among the local population. [5]

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Boring News

Be honest. What exactly has happened this week? It began with Joe Biden touchy-feely episodes and appeared to end with Timmothy Pitzen shock. Besides that, various things were ABOUT to happen – such as border closings, Trump tax returns, and Mueller files – but never got around to happening.

The “news” has been awfully boring this week, when you get right down to it.

The DELIVERY attempts to make up for the lack of substance. Announcers are breathless with excitement.

Face it: nothing happened. Everything was about to happen. So once more, in search of substance, we go to the archives.

Around this time ten years ago, The Huffington Post warned that “subtle, consistent, and pervasive are the means by which an aristocracy perpetuates itself.” They were bothered that the new president, Barack Obama, had made Lawrence Summers his economic adviser. Summers had been making big money (“honorariums”) for lectures delivered in 2008 to fine upstanding organizations like J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers. The tentacles of such groups were therefore reaching into the White House. The aristocracy was perpetuating itself, even in the time of “socialist” Obama. [1]

The G-20 was meeting and a single clause in Point 19 of their communiqué bothered Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Special Drawing Rights (SDR), a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund, “amounts to revolution in the global financial order,” predicted Evans-Pritchard. The Russians had hoped to develop SDRs as a full reserve currency to challenge the U.S. dollar. That didn’t completely happen. But “[t]here is now a world currency in waiting.” [2]

In the March 31, 2019 blog entry, Ersjdamoo told of how virtually every newspaper in South Korea had reported they might be under UFO attack. At the time, Kim Jong Il was the “Dear Leader” of North Korea. It developed that Japan had issued, in conjunction with the “UFO attack”, a false alarm regarding an alleged North Korean missile attack. The drama came close to causing a fully fledged war. Was it a UFO cover up? Or had a supposedly peaceful satellite launch by the North Koreans been in fact a cover for the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles? [3]

Italian researcher Giampaolo Giuliani said he had forecast a major quake in central Italy by measuring emissions of a radioactive gas, radon. Shortly before the deadly April 6, 2009 L’Aquila earthquake, “Mr Giuliani was reported to the authorities for spreading alarm after locals apparently took fright at his warnings.” A week before, in late March, a group had toured the area, “telling people through megaphones to leave their houses because of an imminent earthquake.” [4]

Earthquake forecaster Giampaolo Giuliani was branded an “imbecile” by the Italian government. But the scientist insisted he can foretell earthquakes by measuring radon gas emissions from the earth’s crust and monitoring the phases of Venus. It was an odd situation: Giuliani had predicted the quake for March 29th; the Italian government ignored his warnings; no quake came on March 29th; but then the earth shook a week later. Why hadn’t the Italian government heeded Giuliani? “There is no possibility of predicting an earthquake. This is a fact in the world’s scientific community,” stated Guido Bertolaso, head of the Italian civilian defense agency. [5]

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