Paving Over the Truth of the Tsar

Best of drunk Boris Yeltsin!

In 1977, Boris Yeltsin, at that time Communist Party boss of Ekaterinburg (then called Sverdlovsk), received orders from Moscow: Destroy the Ipatiev House! [1] In the wee hours of the morning, when evil deeds abound, the Ipatiev House, site of the fabled “mass murder in the cellar” of the Russian imperial family in 1918, was quickly demolished and paved over.

It was in these same wee hours of the morning on July 17, 1918, that the Russian Tsar, his wife Alexandra, their children and some loyal servants were supposedly all murdered in a 14 foot by 17 foot cellar in the Ipatiev House. The true story however is that a sort of “Mission Impossible” team overseen by Aaron Simanovitsch, a Russian Jew and secretary to Grigori Rasputin, and by Charles James Fox, a polyglot Yankee and special agent of Britain’s King George V, got the Romanovs safely out of the Ipatiev House. (Background: What Really Happened in the Cellar, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 17, 2014.)

Just as Boris Yeltsin had paved over the Ipatiev House in 1977, in 1998 the same Boris Yeltsin, by then President of the Russian Federation, presided at the paving over of the living labyrinth of the Tsar. To heighten the symbolism, a ceremony was conducted at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in St. Petersburg on July 17, 1998, exactly 80 years after the mystery of the Tsar began in Ekaterinburg. Afraid of any tough questions from citizens and press waiting outside, Yeltsin ducked out a side door. [1]

“Hooray!” shouted the CIA’s mighty Wurlitzer of “news”. “Hooray for the DNA evidence!” There were parades with brass bands, trumpeting the Golden Calf of “DNA evidence” in the Romanov case. Later, however, the CIA’s mighty Wurlitzer did not provide parades and balloons when Japanese scientist Tatsuo Nagai announced that his own tests did not match the results trumpeted via earlier DNA conclusions. No CIA Wurlitzer fireworks accompanied a collaborative effort of Nagai and a Russian scientist, Dr. Vyacheslav Popov, which, in 1999, compared their data to the mtDNA sequence established by the Boris Yeltsin crew and found no match to the Tsar Nicholas mtDNA sequence. The so-called “news” had become strangely silent! [2]

Why no brass bands and parades from the “impartial” press when new scientific evidence emerged which called into question the earlier DNA results? A study by Dr. Alec Knight of Stanford University and his team, peer-reviewed and published in the journal Annals of Human Biology, argued “that previous DNA analyses of the purported Romanov remains — nine skeletons unearthed near Ekaterinburg in central Russia — are invalid.” [2]

It is as if time itself has stopped regarding the supposedly conclusive Romanov “DNA evidence” and we are locked forever into the realm of 1998, Boris Yeltsin, and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. Even at the time of the 1998 “sacred ceremony”, Alexis II, Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, made a public announcement in which he reproached the Yeltsin government for lack of transparency in the investigation and for ignoring contrary scientific opinions. Alexis II did not attend the “sacred ceremony” and forbid any of his priests from actually naming any of the Romanovs at it. One of these priests at the “sacred ceremony”, Father Boris Glebov, was heard to say, “The truth is that I don’t know who I am burying.” [1]

The Russian Orthodox Church has criticized the exhumation process of the supposed “sacred bones” and issued a list of 10 questions which must be answered satisfactorily before it will recognize the “sacred bones” as those of the Romanovs. As of at least 2012 these questions remained unanswered. [1] Why do we have to dig deep for such news, when at the same time the American and British press provides parades and brass bands to accompany the findings of the Yeltsin crew? Could it be that the press is not really impartial as it claims?

“In truth,” writes Marie Stravlo, in her introduction to the book Estoy Viva, by the purported Grand Duchess Olga Nicolaievna, “there is much that we can write about the speculations and controversies which have arisen during all these years regarding the supposed massacre, the possible survival, the authenticity of the grave and remains exhumed and re-buried, or about the DNA analysis practiced from 1992 to the end of 2008. This has been written about thoroughly in other books, the most recent of them published at the end of 2011 under the title, ‘Who Then Do We Believe?’, written by Andrei K. Golitsyn, a former member of the Russian government commission which had investigated the remains since they were discovered and exhumed in 1991, and who supervised all the scientific analysis practiced upon them. In this book, published in Russia, Golitsyn offers various criticisms and brings to light obscure incidents and errors produced during the exhumation of the bones.” [1]

So where is the brass band? Where are the fireworks? Where is even any mention at all by the “news” media about Andrei K. Golitsyn and his book? And why are we still stuck in 1998?

——- Sources ——-
[1] From the Introduction, by Marie Stravlo. Estoy Viva, by Olga Nicolaievna. Madrid: Ediciones Martínez Roca, 2012
[2] “Keep On Rockin’ With the Tsar”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, September 25, 2014.


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