JFK’s Secret Love Child

JFK’s Secret Love Child

Speculation that Bill Clinton’s father may have been John F. Kennedy is presented in my latest video, “JFK’s Secret Love Child”, published to YouTube on November 7, 2015 and hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry. JFK, notorious womanizer, recovering from war injury in an Arizona hospital in 1945, is charmed by an attractive nurse: Bill Clinton’s mother. A love child, Bill Clinton, is conceived. John Kennedy, about to launch his political career, cannot afford any scandal. So the fathership is passed off onto one William Blythe, who conveniently dies in a car crash months before the birth of Bill Clinton on August 19, 1946. Later, Bill Clinton meets dear old dad at the White House during JFK’s presidency. Throughout his life, Bill Clinton idolizes JFK, just like a son tends to idolize his father. A tearful farewell to the stepmother, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, occurs shortly before her death.

I am focusing for the time being on making short videos, hence my Ersjdamoo’s Blog posts will not be so frequent as before, at least for now. If you wish to, you can subscribe to my YouTube videos for latest news, or otherwise I plan to provide periodic summaries via Ersjdamoo’s Blog.

An old geezer like me making YouTube videos? “Act your age, gramps.” Yet how I wish more of we “old geezers” of the baby boomer generation were doing the same. Do not be afraid of what the neighbors will say. Free video editor software is available for Windows 7 (Movie Maker) and Ubuntu Linux (OpenShot Video Editor), so you can edit out the parts where you are wheezing and coughing.

William Blythe is supposed to have been the father of Bill Clinton. Yet William Blythe, as it turns out, was a bigamist. The marriage certificate of Virginia Cassidy and William Blythe did not mention any prior marriages. Maybe Bill Clinton was startled when, on February 13, 1992, he received a letter from Paradise, California: “Dear Bill… This is to let you know we both have the same father, William J. Blythe III… He had married my mom in 1934.” [1]

However Bill Clinton was not eager to meet his newly found half-brother, Henry Leon Ritzenthaler. In the movie, Dr. Zhivago, Yuri Zhivago is overjoyed to discover he has a half-brother. Yet Bill Clinton avoided Ritzenthaler. [1] Perhaps Clinton knew that the whole William Blythe thing was just a hoax, used to hide the identity of his real father.

The wandering William Blythe had also reportedly married Ritzenthaler’s aunt. Both marriages, to Adele Cofelt and her sister Faye, ended in divorce. And Blythe was also married to one Wanetta Ellen Alexander on May 3, 1941. And the decree granting their divorce was not granted until two years after Blythe had already married Virginia Cassidy. [1]

My late friend, Sherman H. Skolnick, believed that Bill Clinton’s actual father had been a Rockefeller: Arkansas Governor Winthrop Rockefeller. [2] [3] Yet it suddenly came to me it had not been Winthrop Rockefeller but John F. Kennedy who was secretly Bill Clinton’s father.

In January 1945, JFK spent three months recovering from a back injury at Castle Hot Springs, a resort and temporary military hospital in Arizona. [4] Meanwhile, Virginia Cassidy had received certification as a Registered Nurse, Surgical in 1943 from Tri-State Nursing Academy, Shreveport, Louisiana. [5] Here is where some digging is needed: Where was nurse Virginia Cassidy in 1945? Did she travel to Castle Hot Springs and, in a medical capacity, meet JFK? Did sparks fly between womanizer JFK and Virginia? Around this time, the wandering William Blythe had also been away at war. Whomever the father, a son was born on August 19, 1946: Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton “idolized” JFK, just as any son idolizes his father. Because of his political career, JFK could not publicly acknowledge his secret love child. Yet it was arranged, under cover of a Boy Scouts meeting at the White House, that teenage son Bill meet with dear old dad in 1963.

Years later, when presumed step-mother Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had been diagnosed as having terminal cancer, step-son Bill met privately with her onboard a yacht and, it is surmised, shared memories and bade her a tearful farewell. [6] Both Virginia Cassidy and Jacqueline Kennedy died around the same time: Virginia on January 6, 1994; Jacqueline on May 19, 1994. Both women carried their secrets to their respective graves.

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Nov 5, 2015: Guy Fawkes and the 4-Star General. November 5, 2015 is the anniversary of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot. This anniversary is known as Guy Fawkes Day, for he was a participant in the failed plot. If the Gunpowder Plot had succeeded, none would have dared to call it treason. General Mark Milley, a 4-star general, promotes the idea that Russia is the complete aggressor in Ukraine and elsewhere. How can it be that General Milley seems to be obtuse about the U.S.-backed coup which toppled the legitimate, democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014? Wasn’t that also aggression? Yet General Mark Milley either is naive or is deliberately turning a blind eye. Could this be also a type of treason – treason against the truth? Might not General Milley be a modern-day Guy Fawkes?

Nov 3, 2015: Bombardment of the Popcorn News. The news anchors and presenters in the United States add their own flavor of anxiety to the popcorn; on the other hand, the Russian news anchors and presenters let the popcorn tell its own story. Why are the American news faces so agitated? Is it that their flavoring of agitation seeks to sell the popcorn? But their bombardment of high-anxiety news, flavored by their own butter and salt, has an immense effect upon the psychological well-being of us all. Compared and contrasted are American versus Russian news presentations. And what of “Tat” (pseudonym)? Where has he been? Hidden forces seem to have been squelching Tat.

Nov 1, 2015: Mr. Moto and the State Department. Mr. Moto is my metaphor for covert operators. They surreptitiously enter foreign countries and stir up revolutions. This happened with the “Arab Spring” uprisings and we now begin to see “blowback” such as escalating war danger in Syria and the flood of refugees overwhelming Europe. The Mr. Moto activities have been going on for decades, as illustrated by a clip from the 1953 movie, Beat the Devil. The State Department keeps getting political appointees emplaced, they overrule more knowledgeable career employees, Mr. Moto is deployed, trouble is stirred up, and unforeseen consequences – blowback – is the result.

——- Sources ——-
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4 Responses to JFK’s Secret Love Child

  1. cam hanson says:

    I think you are on the right road. I have always suspected Bill Clinton to be a Kennedy. Just on looks and demeanor. Potentially could be the child of Joe Sr. as well. Hot Springs, Arkansas was a hotbed of gambling and debauchery during this time. Saw some other gossip about Clinton being JFK’s kid here; http://www.hiddenmysteries.org/themagazine/vol12/articles/bloodgate-billy.shtml

  2. Dr. Carole Donovan says:

    As an LPN, Bills mother was taking care of R. Rockefeller in L.R. Arkansas. She was somewhat an attractive single woman when J.F.K. visited the home. You can take it from there.

  3. Dr. Carole Donovan says:

    It is no secret among those in Arkansas who were associated in some way with politics such as was a cousin of mine who helped finance Mr. Clinton during his Governorship. Bill’s mother nursed old man Rockefeller at his home in Little Rock where Kennedy frequently visited.

  4. Troy says:

    He’s a Rockefeller

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